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If you’re a fan of the Elder Scrolls games, then you’re probably familiar with the argonians – a race of humanoid lizards.
The Argonians are native to the province of Black Marsh, which is located in the southernmost part of Tamriel. Black Marsh is a swampland that is teeming with dangerous creatures, so it’s no wonder that the Argonians have developed a tough skin and a strong immune system.

If you’re looking to add an Argonian to your Elder Scrolls game, you’ll need to come up with a suitable argonian name. And that’s not always easy, given that most argonian names are unpronounceable by human standards. But don’t worry, we’re here to help with our Argonian name lists and argonian name generator.

The Argonians, called Saxhleel in their own language, Jel, are one of Tamriel’s most mysterious races, revealing little about their homeland, where most of their folk are born and live.

The Argonians, with the possible exception of the Khajiit, are the only people of Tamriel not descended from the Ehlnofey but who have existed since the Merethic Era.

Female Argonian Names

Female Argonians are a bit of a mystery. They are a proud and noble people, but they are also fiercely independent. They are known for their strength and agility, as well as their ability to turn their skin to stone. Female Argonians have their own names, but they are often not given names by outsiders. This is because female argonian names are so difficult to pronounce.

female argonian names
  • Jeetum-Lah Nefesareth
  • Haraith Neethsareeth
  • Ulaei Pericalees
  • Chunnee Augeesdorus
  • Yelith Nagtius
  • Derei Tikeersesh
  • Yelnsei Cayclesh
  • Weers’r Caymuseeth
  • Yelnula Xerleesh
  • Amuei Tiberdaresh
  • Yelntinei Megulus
  • Harmeel Geeldaresh
  • Teeba-Ei Augusseus
  • Han-Ru Nefecalees
  • Gam-Gei Xemmean
  • Teenicin Pemus
  • Bun-Wulm Magrean
  • Brand-La Tiberseus
  • Mush-Gei Galcalees
  • Jaree-Na Caenes
  • Deetum-Teeus Kaydorus
  • Reesepa Magseus
  • Talen-Ja Endoresilus
  • Oleed-Nur Galmarush
  • Bah-Neeus Kayclesh
  • Gin-Zish Taiertus
  • Teeltul Theogalus
  • Heem-Julan Tibersilus
  • Derkat Thefimuseeth
  • Jeelus-Ei Geellures

Male Argonian Names

There are many different races in the Elder Scrolls games, but one of the most unique and interesting is the male Argonians. These lizard-like people are known for their intelligence and their agility, making them a force to be reckoned with in battle. But what about their names? Just like any other race, male Argonians have their own unique names that reflect their culture and heritage. Here are some of the most popular male Argonian names:

male argonian names
  • Amushei Cayaseene
  • Mahesehk Neethgoulus
  • Usheeus Tibersion
  • Otush Neethclesh
  • Demeran Theersar
  • Tun-Zeeus Tikeersifon
  • Amusmeel Cagalus
  • Yelntul Geelteus
  • Dan-Jasaiin Canimesh
  • Ushaian Lafcalees
  • Dan-Jah Taierlus
  • Wanan-Ei Nicalees
  • Mush-Ei Careeseus
  • Reeh-Ju Caygoulus
  • Chiith Theoseus
  • Dereeus Caligalus
  • Oleen-Kiurz Theogoulus
  • Pad-Lei Augeesseus
  • Jeenaava Lafgulus
  • Weeaava Nagseus
  • Geem-Lei Neethsareeth
  • Tar-Malz Augeesmus
  • Jaree-Jush Magtus
  • Dar-Na Pericles
  • Chisei Tikeerdorees
  • Reeh-Zish Lafseus
  • Wanan-La Caleemesh
  • Claudmeya Caleedorees
  • Chuk’r Cascalees
  • Olink-Shei Mesareth

Argonian Tamrielic Names

Argonians are known for their dual naming system, which draws from both Jel and Tamrielic languages. Naming an Argonian in Tamriel can be quite a challenge, especially if their Jel name is unpronounceable, inappropriate or just plain unsuitable. In such cases, it might be best to just use a direct translation of their Jel name. For example, an Argonian named “Haj-Ei” could be called “Hides His Eyes” in Tamriel. “Haj” in Jel roughly means “hidden”, and “Ei” means “eye” or “eyes”.

best argorian names

Jel Names

It’s time for Chukka-sei, the Argonian traditional Naming day! This particular day comes in the Argonian season of Hist-Dooka (Second Seed). A young Saxhleel licks the Hist Sap and receives their name on this day. It’s not clear whether the young Saxhleel’s name is granted by their elder tribesman or the Hist itself, but the name is definitely obtained through a Hist.

Hence, native-born (born and raised to maturity in Black Marsh) Argonians that have successfully passed their Chukka-sei will receive their aborigine name in the native Argonian language of Jel. Most likely, this name is what they refer to outsiders as their “Black Marsh name”. So if you’re an outsider, make sure to ask an Argonian what their Black Marsh name is – you might be surprised!

Funny Argonian Names

If you’re looking for a laugh, look no further than these funny Argonian names! There’s sure to be a name that tickles your funny bone. So why not add a little levity to your Elder Scrolls experience by giving your Argonian character one of these hilarious names?

  • Craps-His-Tunic
  • Why-Are-You-Running
  • Remover-Of-Pants
  • Rage-Against-The-Machine
  • Poisons-the-Parish
  • Follows-the-Leader
  • Peaks-In-Private
  • Beats-Meat
  • Dies-a-Lot
  • Sound-Garden
  • Drops-The-Soap
  • Why-Are-We-Still-Here
  • Has-the-High-Ground
  • Killing-Is-My-Business
  • Takes-Sarcasm-Literally
  • Raises-The-Dead
  • Swims-Like-Stone
  • A-Bit-Closer-To-Sovngarde
  • Kiss-My-Hist
  • Sell-My-Soul
  • Fears-Himself
  • Back-In-Black
  • Hide-And-Seek
  • Nothing-Else-Matters
  • Holy-Mountains
  • So-Guys-We-Did-It
  • Casts-Many-Spells
  • Interprets-Moods-Poorly
  • Smokes-Trees
  • Thank-You-Kind-Sir
  • Pees-in-Pools
  • Tickles-Many-Booties
  • Nibbles-Bums
  • Down-With-the-Sickness
  • Salts-Meals-Liberally
  • Waddle-Waddles
  • Git-Gud
  • Deep-Purple
  • Go-Commit-Die
  • Lifts-Heavy-Things
  • Frolicks-Through-Meadows
  • Stokes-the-Fire
  • What-the
  • Bait-Of-Dragon
  • Eats-Your-Heart-Out
  • Trudges-Through-Snow
  • Escapes-the-Fate
  • Run-From-Crabs
  • Ten-Thousand-Fists
  • Shoot-Many-Foxes
  • Smells-Like-Teen-Spirit
  • Sees-No-Problem
  • Spoon-Man
  • Not-Your-Kind
  • Kill-It-With-Fire
  • Pays-With-Blood
  • Polishes-His-Spear
  • Last-Resort
  • Eats-All-The-Things
  • Hunts-Many-Deers
  • Roots-Bloody-Roots
  • Backs-Away-Slowly
  • Dave-the-Argonian
  • Eats-All-Candy
  • Me-And-The-Boys
  • Wakes-the-Bear
  • Bubbles-Many-Waters
  • Pour-Some-Sugar-On-Me

Good Argonian Names

There are a lot of good Argonian names out there, but there are a few that stand out above the rest. Here are some of the best Argonian names that you can use for your character in The Elder Scrolls games.

Good Argonian Names
  • Jeed-Meema Cayasion
  • Olink-Lei Xeirsifon
  • Vistha-Ja Mesilus
  • Mez-Jeleen Peseus
  • Meeretul Nagtius
  • Reeureel Kayseus
  • Madeate Xeirtus
  • Hateel Canimean
  • Teinleesh Calures
  • Akislz Augeessareth
  • Ocheah Lafsilus
  • Seeat Agiusdes
  • Skewei Androleesh
  • On-Meseif Casar
  • Okan-Jah Caleelures
  • Gisen Galsar
  • Jeed-Wareih Endoremus
  • Shahota Theoclesh
  • Nurarava Perilus
  • Meefh-Menari Cayanaresh
  • Mereen-Eji Magssius
  • Beeeen Mereemuseeth
  • Teeba-Dar Tikeersar
  • Drujalg Caleemesh
  • Jaree-Jush Magtus
  • Banayee Kaylus
  • Nuraeva Xerthees
  • Reeh-Na Galmarush
  • Eleedal-Tulm Augeesmesh
  • Gih-Mideesh Casrean

Cool Argonian Names

There are some seriously cool Argonian names out there, and if you’re looking for something a little different for your Elder Scrolls character, then you should definitely check them out! Here are a few of our favourites:

cool argorian names
  • Pilgla Magdes
  • Ajum-Meena Magdesh
  • Bour-Leef Theolus
  • Nakuen Endoretius
  • Geel-Dar Nagseus
  • Drujalg Caleemesh
  • Tereen-Meema Cayaseene
  • Pajezara Nisar
  • Nuraeen Kaylus
  • Tsleeus Geellures
  • Nurava Caliseene
  • Gin-Ei Caleelus
  • Nuraila Nagthees
  • Hathul Xeirdorus
  • Mez-Lirzee Tikeerdorus
  • Alexnicin Xerdaresh
  • Shaaye Augusmareen
  • Hulehaz Androsifon
  • Nakueva Magsareth
  • Nakmee Geelleesh
  • Utash Xeirrean
  • Brand-Teemeeta Agiusnes
  • Bunrenaza Meseus
  • Weebam-Kiurz Caleemarush
  • Geeul Lafdorees
  • Deetum-Lan Caydorus
  • Keerasa-Kilaya Casdaresh
  • Keerasa-Dar Cayatus
  • Wujesan Caseus
  • Weeacles Augeestus

Culture and Society

The Black Marsh is an inaccessible region of dense mangrove forests and twisted waterways where unknown dangers lurk. In the interior, therefore, one finds communities of Saxhleel whose culture is entirely untouched by imperial conquest and the raids of the Dunmer from the north. This original culture is characterized by tribal society and tradition, but a deep bond with the Hist. Due to their nature, Argonians tend to build their settlements partly underwater. But other forms of society are also known as the theocracy of the Seth priests in the temple city of Gideon.

Physical characteristics

“Argonian” refers to several diverse lizard creatures native to the Black Marsh. However, it usually refers to a specific group that resembles average humans in size and stature.Their skin is hairless and covered with scales, which in shape and size resemble the most diverse lizard species such as snakes, crocodiles, monitor lizards, and like them, can also be very diversely coloured and patterned.

The head of an Argonian is also clearly lizard-like, with a long snout, pronounced bone structure and a fanged mouth. At the same time, many Argonians have distinctive features such as leathery bone crests, horns, or feathers instead of head and facial hair. The eyes of an Argonian also usually resemble those of various lizard species. Thus, slit snake eyes are found, and oval-shaped crocodile eyes exhibit various colours.

They have a nictitating membrane (a transparent membrane that covers the eyes like an inner eyelid) that protects the eyes from dirt and water when necessary. For locomotion in same, they possess a muscular lizard tail. Thanks to a series of sheltered gills in their neck, they can breathe underwater. They are also known to heal wounds unusually quickly and have a high resistance to disease and toxins. Argonians lay their offspring as eggs, which they then collect near a hist and leave to hatch there.

argonian character

Female Argonians have breasts suggests that they may suckle their offspring. However, there is also a theory among scholars that this is an adaptation to the other races of Tamriel, but for what purpose is unknown. They are probably omnivores, but their massive predatory jaws suggest the primary consumption of meat and fish. This impression of a predator is completed by the finger and toenails, hardened to claws, between which many also have webbed feet.

Argonians live to about the same age as humans, although it is unknown when they reach adulthood on average. Another notable characteristic of this race is that they emit distinct exhalations depending on their emotional state. Thus, an Argonian’s anger can sometimes be smelled and their excitement. Because of their apparent amphibious nature, it has been suggested that Argonians may also be warm-blooded.

If this is true, they at least do not seem to be utterly dependent on the ambient temperature. Besides the described group of Argonians, there are also other “subspecies”, like the spiny Agaceph, who live in the core area of the Marsh, or the frog-like Paatru. Meanwhile, the winged Naga and Sarpa are considered hostile beasts, which is not to say that the subspecies above are in any way friendly to outsiders.

Most Asked Questions about Argonian

Here you will find some of the most frequent questions people have about and the answers that should clear things up.

What language do Argonians speak?

The Argonians have their own language, called Jel, which is a guttural and harsh-sounding language. However, they are also able to speak the common tongue of Tamriel, which is the language that is most commonly spoken in the Elder Scrolls games.

Can Argonians breathe underwater?

The mighty Argonians are known for their resilience in the face of disease and their ability to breathe underwater. They are also notorious for their stealthy nature, making them a force to be reckoned with.