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There are a lot of bandits out there, and they all need names! A name can say a lot about a person, and in the case of bandits, that's usually not good. But with our bandit name generator, you can pick the perfect name for your criminal mastermind or scoundrelly sidekick. Just enter a few details and our generator will do the rest. So what are you waiting for? Get started and find the perfect bandit name for your next heist!"

Bandit Name Generator

This bandit name generator will help you create some truly outlaw names for your next fantasy campaign or story. Whether you need a name for a theif, criminal, or just a general ne’er-do-well, this generator has you covered. Simply click the button to generate a new name.

If you’re looking for ideas for bandit names, you’ve come to the right place! Whether you’re looking for names for outlaws in a Western setting, or for fantasy bandits, we’ve got plenty of options for you.

If you want something specific, we’ve got a bandit name generator that you can use to create tailored results. And if you’re stuck for ideas, we’ve also got a list of some of our favorite bandit names, both male and female. So whatever you’re looking for, we’ve got you covered.

Female Bandit Names

There are many female bandit names to choose from! Whether you’re looking for a name for your own personal outlaw or for a character in a story, you can’t go wrong with any of these monikers.

So, there you have it! A list of seven famous female bandits from history. Whether you’re looking for a name for your next story or just want to learn more about these fascinating women, these names are sure to give you some inspiration.

female bandit names
  • Smokey Cam
  • Blackjack Maeve
  • Haleigh The Pegleg
  • Gabriela Greed
  • Alize Crackers
  • Kianna The Viper
  • Melissa The Wild
  • Rachel Blue Eyes
  • Mad Eyed Berenice
  • Alissa Mad Man
  • Harvina The Heist
  • Muscled Brionna
  • Mad Manny
  • Lizeth Scars
  • Rosa Scars
  • Black Eyed Mady
  • Karlie Dangerous
  • Two Face Emilie
  • Jada Black Eye
  • Three Toed Denisse
  • Maitane Fast Fingers
  • Erin The Crackpot
  • Jaylene The Bug
  • Rylee The Bull
  • Fruitcake Missye
  • Action Esther
  • Kierra The Heister
  • Laughing Camm
  • Fruitcake Nadia
  • Marissa The Danger

Generate more female bandit names now by clicking only one button! With our bandit name generator, you can create as many names as you want for free. So why wait? Click the button now and get started!

Male Bandit Names

When it comes to male bandit names, there are plenty of options to choose from. Whether you’re looking for something traditional or more modern, there’s bound to be a name that’s perfect for your new criminal mastermind.

These are just a few of the most famous male bandit names out there, but there are plenty of other options to choose from. Whatever you decide, make sure it’s a name that strikes fear into the hearts of your enemies!

Some of the most popular male bandit names include:

male bandit names
  • Shaw The Crackpot
  • Bullettooth Wilfred
  • Razor Elman
  • Reaper Brennen
  • Smirking Hunter
  • Pickpocket Allan
  • Five Fingered Hector
  • Colt Mad Eye
  • One Eye Calvert
  • Razortooth Newgate
  • Harry The Con
  • Jaeden Bandana
  • Moneybags Walter
  • Alcott The Heist
  • Blue Eyed Arden
  • Wingate Gold Digger
  • Spider Austyn
  • Slithering Nellie
  • Calder The Buster
  • Benny The Pickpocket
  • Ruthren Fast Fingers
  • Bernard The Bull
  • Channing Black Eyes
  • Sherlock The Silent
  • Alec Two Face
  • Slithering Jon
  • Diamond Alexander
  • Irvin The Pirate
  • Ashton Shades
  • Razor Walton

If you’re not satisfied with the list of male bandit names, feel free to use our bandit name generator.

Outlaw Names

There’s something special about a name that’s been outlawed. It’s like a badge of honor, a sign that you’re rebels who aren’t afraid to stand up for what you believe in. Outlaw names are the perfect way to show that you’re unique and unafraid to be different.

So what are some of the most popular outlaw names? Here are a few of our favorites:

outlaw names
  • Jess Numbers
  • Silver Nine Lives
  • Jody The Crackpot
  • Razortooth Aaren
  • Lunatic Taylor
  • Carol The Angel
  • Scars Noel
  • Ryan Two Face
  • Skye Shades
  • Danny The Thief
  • Moneybags Billie
  • Pickpocket Jordan
  • Reed The Silent
  • Franky The Con Artist
  • Grinning Silver
  • Charlie One Eye
  • Crazy Brett
  • Avery Shades
  • Addison The Knuckles
  • Fruitcake Jess
  • Jordan The Knuckles
  • Jess The Fang
  • Greedy Lee
  • Bug Eyed Jordan
  • Mad Hat Erin
  • Glen Whispers
  • Jaime One Eye
  • Sam The Crook
  • Mad Man Ashton
  • Cory The Squint

If you’re not satisfied with the outlaw names on this list, use our bandit name generator to find the perfect name for your lawless character.

Famous Bandit Names

There are many famous bandit names throughout history. Some of these names are well known, while others are not as well known. However, all of these bandits have made a name for themselves in one way or another.

One of the most famous bandits is Robin Hood. He was a English folk hero who stole from the rich and gave to the poor. He was also known for his skill with a bow and arrow.

Another famous bandit is Jesse James. He was an American outlaw who was known for robbing banks and trains. He was also known for his many feuds with the law.

Billy the Kid is another famous bandit. He was an American outlaw who was known for his killing of 21 people. He was also known for his escape from jail.

These are just a few of the many famous bandit names throughout history. Each of these bandits has a unique story that has made them famous.

famous bandit names
  • Henry Newton Brown (1857 – 1884)
  • Jim Miller (1866 – 1909)
  • Belle Starr (1848 – 1889)
  • Hoodoo Brown (1856 – ?)
  • Billy the Kid (1859 – 1881)
  • Doc Holiday (1851 – 1887)
  • Felipe Espinosa (1836 – 1863)
  • Jesse James (1847 – 1882)
  • Butch Cassidy (1866 – 1908) and The Sundance Kid (1867 – 1908)
  • Bonnie and Clyde (1910, 1909 – 1934)
  • Henry Newton Brown (1857 – 1884)

If you’re looking for more famous bandit names, our bandit name generator is the perfect tool for you. With just a click, you can generate hundreds of different bandit names, each more famous than the last. So what are you waiting for? Try it out today!

Bandit Group Names

When it comes to choosing a name for your bandit group, the sky is the limit! There are so many options to choose from, and the possibilities are endless. Here are a few things to keep in mind when choosing a name for your bandit group:

1. Pick a name that reflects the personality of your group. Are you a group of mischievous bandits who like to cause trouble? Or are you a group of Robin Hood-esque bandits who only steal from the rich?

2. Make sure the name is catchy and easy to remember. You want people to be able to remember your name when they hear it, so choose something that is both unique and memorable.

3. Avoid using profanity or anything that could be considered offensive. This will only turn people off and make them less likely to want to join your group.

4. Have fun with it! The name of your bandit group is a reflection of who you are, so make sure it represents you and your group in the best way possible.

bandit group names
  • The Blooddrop Band
  • The Leopard Clan
  • The Copper Lion Riders
  • The Eagles
  • The Brass Sharkfins
  • The Sapphire Hogs
  • The Viper Crew
  • The Violet Raven Association
  • The Vulture Riders
  • The Fire Rebels
  • The Electric Crosses
  • The Violet Slicers
  • The Day Walkers
  • The Hopeless Ones
  • The Sanguine Wolverine Crew
  • The Ivory Leopard Company
  • The Ruby Shark Brotherhood
  • The Azure Undead
  • The Riders
  • The Brown Badgers
  • The Yellow Trolls
  • The Disciples
  • The Invincibles
  • The Blue Blooddrops
  • The Damnation
  • The Invincibles

Western Bandit Names

There’s something about a Western bandit that just sounds so tough and cool. What’s your favorite Western bandit name? Here are some of the best Western bandit names out there:

western bandit names
  • Bandana Jamie
  • Gold Digger Brook
  • Silent Noel
  • Cameron The Dwarf
  • Blue Eyed Rudy
  • Morgan Diamond
  • Glenn The Viper
  • Kerry Toothless
  • Spider Blake
  • Crazy Jamie
  • Blackjack Noel
  • Wild Leigh
  • Fast Fingers Shay
  • Eyepatch Maddox
  • Sammy The Lucky
  • Greedy Mell
  • Klepto Leigh
  • Swindling Harley
  • Scars Cameron
  • Crazy Eyed Rory
  • Razor Quinn
  • Glen The Smirk
  • Three Toed Erin
  • Robin Mad Eye
  • Val Scarface
  • Bullettooth Phoenix
  • Razortooth Lesley
  • Razortooth Aaren
  • Mad Hat Ali
  • Bullettooth Lane

If you don’t like any of the listed western bandit names, use our bandit name generator.

Cowboy Bandit Names

There’s nothing quite like the thrill of a good old fashioned cowboy bandit name. Whether you’re looking for something to get your adrenaline going on a heist, or just want to add a bit of excitement to your everyday life, these names are sure to do the trick.

So what are some of the best cowboy bandit names out there? Here are a few of our favorites:

cowboy bandit names
  • Conor Bandana
  • Robbing Josephine
  • Diamond Justice
  • Rusty Roberta
  • Ted The Mad
  • Lunatic Taylor
  • Brisa Danger
  • Leslie One Eye
  • Numbers Brayton
  • Pegleg Denver
  • Scarface Berenice
  • Nightmare Hamilton
  • Rene The Heister
  • Reaper Kipp
  • Everett Three Fingers
  • Sebert Blue Eyes
  • Kim The Thief
  • Pickpocket Isabelle
  • Rusty Farland
  • Phantom Meredith
  • Drew Poison
  • Action Vic
  • Squinting Cory
  • Crackpot Bond
  • Stanberry The Eccentric
  • Thieving Wakeman
  • Berta The Bandit
  • Smirking Denny
  • Spider Jo
  • Thomas Blue Eyes

If you want to add some excitement to your life and generate more cowboy bandit names, then click on our bandit name generator! Once you click the button, our generator will provide you with tons of different and unique name options that you can use for your next heist! So what are you waiting for? Click the button now and start your new life of crime!

Most Asked Questions about Bandit

Below you will find answers to the most commonly asked questions about bandits!

What is a bandit?

A bandit is a person who robs or steals, especially in the wild.

What is the origin of the term bandit?

The term bandit has its origins in the Old West, where it was used to describe outlaws who would rob stagecoaches and banks. These outlaws would often wear masks to conceal their identities, and this is where the term bandit comes from.

What is the life of a bandit like?

The life of a bandit is one of excitement and adventure! Every day is a new opportunity to rob, pillage, and plunder. It’s a life of lawlessness and chaos, and we wouldn’t have it any other way. There’s nothing quite like the thrill of the chase, and the satisfaction of a successful heist. When you’re a bandit, there’s always something new and exciting happening.

What is the code of honor among bandits?

There is no universal code of honor among bandits, as different groups may have their own codes or none at all. However, some general principles that could be considered include loyalty to one’s comrades, honesty in one’s dealings, and a willingness to help those in need. Additionally, many bandits pride themselves on being able to outwit their enemies and on being able to survive in difficult circumstances.