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We all know that the best thing about Dungeons & Dragons is creating and roleplaying a character that is totally unique to you. But what if you want to play a character that is really, really unique? Like, so unique that they don’t even fit into the standard D&D races? Well, my friend, you need to play a dragonborn. For this you need the perfect name. We have listed many popular Dragonborn names for you and additionally you can also use our Dragonborn name generator.

Dragonborn are, quite literally, dragonborn. They are born from the union of a dragon and a human, and as such, they inherit the best (and worst) qualities of both races. They are incredibly strong and resilient, but they also have the arrogance and temper of a dragon. They are fiercely independent, but they also value honor and tradition. If you’re looking for a race that is truly one-of-a-kind, then dragonborn is the race for you. Just be prepared for your fellow players to be green with envy.

When it comes to naming a dragonborn, there are a few things you need to keep in mind. First, your name should be as unique as you are. Your name should be intimidating. After all, you are a dragonborn, and you should strike fear into the hearts of your enemies. And lastly, your name should be cool. Not just cool, but really cool. The kind of cool that makes people stop and say, “Wow, that’s a really cool name.”

So, what are some cool dragonborn names? Well, you can’t go wrong with names like Dracon, Tiamat, or even Azzedar. Or, if you want something a little more unique, you could always go with names like Arktis, Miraxus, or even Zephyron. Really, the sky is the limit when it comes to choosing a cool dragonborn name. So, what are you waiting for? Pick a name and start your journey to becoming the coolest dragonborn in the world!

Female Dragonborn Names

There’s nothing quite like a female dragonborn. With their fierce and powerful demeanor, they strike fear into the hearts of their enemies and inspire respect in their allies. But don’t let their tough exterior fool you – beneath all that armor, there’s a heart of gold.

female dragonborn names dnd

A female dragonborn is the perfect partner for anyone looking for an adventure. She’s always up for a fight, and she’s got the strength and courage to see it through to the end. She’s also fiercely loyal to those she cares about, and she’ll always have your back in a tight spot. So if you’re looking for a companion who can take on the world – and look good doing it – a female dragonborn is the perfect choice.

We have a selection of female Dragonborn names for you to choose from. If you can’t find what you’re looking for here, try our Dragonborn name generator.

  • kleapunshtin Sulvroth
  • deldranudac Orlayax
  • vochoshkmendush Samorn
  • klopesh Iorlasar
  • alminshtek Xarvull
  • kemphecmiash Arvull
  • lulkos Krivciar
  • clethtuthirger Patrin
  • diltecmuanduus Yorythas
  • karrhoth Wrawunax
  • calmith Erabor
  • faldraas Marrakas
  • mamtathergol Vorxan
  • erthenides Dofras
  • mephek Jinhadur
  • crincashtad Paqull
  • clalxindajath Arvarax
  • kelxuacidaash Kilhadur
  • yomris Neszavur
  • kimtandrireath Rasqrin
  • mankus Kilyax
  • folkenshted Alivarax
  • tampanshtiac Arvarax
  • echenderduar Durqrin
  • muurdereak Trouvull
  • nyaphajik Medtrin
  • emphanshteath Aliciar
  • nyelred Frodhall
  • lelkenduargil Orlaziros
  • cliltethardis Balxan

Male Dragonborn Names

There’s something about a male dragonborn that just screams “badass.” Maybe it’s their imposing height and muscular build, or their reptilian features. Or maybe it’s because they can breathe fire. Whatever the reason, there’s no denying that dragonborn make great warriors.

male dragonborn names

They’re strong, brave, and fiercely loyal to their comrades. Plus, they look really cool in armor. So if you’re looking for a powerful fighter for your next Dungeons and Dragons campaign, consider a dragonborn. Just be prepared to duck if they start belching flames.

Check out our selection of male Dragonborn names. If there is nothing for you here, then try our Dragonborn name generator.

  • kiccal Saqrin
  • ildrishtuth Shalasar
  • gastukuundid Primash
  • verdel Vrakwunax
  • lapekmurad Belwunax
  • lolthinith Vorkris
  • keamrindraac Greskan
  • nostuunash Rasnaar
  • lestosh Marzavur
  • prathtadelir Rasgar
  • culkenthesh Vrakfras
  • naxosurdul Dowunax
  • prankac Brenhazar
  • cranxaankondec Medbor
  • mincaakamith Ghexan
  • kerik Sulkul
  • cerdir Greskan
  • uambic Grevroth
  • myolthec Krivgrax
  • imponshtak Vyubroth
  • thiarjurordal Zrafarn
  • firnishtanaac Marrakas
  • myemrek Arhadur
  • kruldikmur Nesythas
  • feanxen Balziros
  • machicmenoth Zorqull
  • tacashkmuudal Arythas
  • kiapianthin Wulyax
  • teammundeadas Goragar
  • artheshkmad Brenzavur

Dragonborn Last Names

Some dragonborn last names you can choose for your character in the next fantasy story are:

  • Hijurn
  • Caerghull
  • Hakaryn
  • Thalarys
  • Udonaar
  • Frorakas
  • Gorafras
  • Fromorn
  • Kazita
  • Jeskira
  • Quilwyn
  • Rasnaar
  • Rasjhan
  • Iorcrath
  • Pawarum
  • Loranys
  • Krivdorim
  • Wragrax
  • Hahime
  • Frovull
  • Krivnaar
  • Quilpatys
  • Rhohadur
  • Medqrin
  • Drarinn
  • Eshcoria
  • Rashisaadi
  • Morqiroth
  • Otidaar
  • Rashikaryn
  • Xarzire
  • Shavull
  • Dryszys

Dragonborn Clan Names

Dragonborn children are given a personal name at birth, but their dragonborn clan name always comes first as a mark of honor. A childhood nickname is often used among clutchmates as a term of endearment or to describe a certain event or habit.

  • Kimbatuul
  • Linxakasendalor
  • Turnuroth
  • Nemmonis
  • Daardendrian
  • Delmirev
  • Norixius
  • Kepeshkmolik
  • Prexijandilin
  • Ophinshtalajiir
  • Verthisathurgiesh
  • Clethtinthiallor
  • Fenkenkabradon
  • Drachedandion
  • Yarjerit
  • Kerrhylon
  • Myastan
  • Shestendcliath

All About Dragonborn

Dragonborn are impressively tall and relatively heavily built. The arms and feet of Dragonborn feature three strong claws that end in talons, with a fourth claw growing inward and effectively forming the function of large toes and thumbs. Their head is characterized by a blunt snout, a massive forehead, and reptilian ruffles on the cheeks and ears. They possess a crest of horn-like scales on the back of their head, but this is more like a mess of stringy hair. The eyes of Dragonborn are usually red or gold in hue.

dragonborn names

Dragonborn represent in many ways what their name suggests: humanoid dragons. Dragonborn display many draconic characteristics, including scaly skin, a large muscular body, and the ability to use breath as a weapon. The scales of a Dragonborn are scarlet, golden, rusty, ochre, bronze, or brown in hue and say little about the breath weapon or the relationship to scale color, as is the case with true dragons.

The scales are usually concentrated in densest around the forearms, on the legs, feet, shoulders, and thighs, with the rest of the body covered with a delicate leathery covering. With the proper training, Dragonborn can even learn to call upon more of their dormant draconic heritage, where they grow wings that allow them to fly like dragons.

Young Dragonborn

Young Dragonborn that hatch from eggs like their draconic relatives grow at an impressively fast rate, much faster than most other races, developing physically in 3 years as much as what a human would manage in the equivalent of 10 years. The growth rate slows drastically within a few years, however, and Dragonborn are not considered fully grown for another 12 years. Once they reach adulthood, however, Dragonborn can live identical lifespans to humans. Not all Dragonborn develop an Odem weapon, but those that do usually form them during adolescence.

young dragonborn

They Are No Reptiles

Like dragons, Dragonborn are often mistaken for reptiles but are, in fact, warm-blooded draconic creatures. The internal body temperature of the Dragonborn is warmer than most similar breeds and appear feverish to the touch by human standards.

The lack of hair and the largemouth may seem detrimental in terms of regulating body temperature, but effectively it is not; the Dragonborn can shift their body heat at a high rate very effectively, meaning that they remain fully functional even in cold climates and are no more or less susceptible to heat as humans are.

Dragonborn nurse their young for several months before they get teeth. A Dragonborn is then slowly acclimated to soft foods before becoming more accustomed to the regular Dragonborn eating habits, which, on average, include much more meat than other races’ diet.

A Question of Honor

Dragonborn have a strong affinity for honor, and how deeply rooted this trait is remaining debatable. However, all Dragonborn tend to see all living things, even the hated dragons, as deserving of courtesy and respect. To Dragonborn, honor is more than a word and is often considered more important than life itself. Cowardice is not simply undesirable among the Dragonborn; it is generally dismissed and even despised.

Proving Oneself: The Dragonborn Mentality

Part of the root of this honorable attitude lies in the striving of each Dragonborn to constantly better himself. The Dragonborn’s draconic ancestry gives them a strong sense of self and a tendency for strong emotions. The two combined suggest that Dragonborn want the approval of others above all else. Dragonborn place great value on the abilities of individuals, including themselves.

dragonborn names dnd

Otherwise, with a task too existing, it is a sheer impossibility for the Dragonborn to fail, and as a result, they tend to go out of their way to succeed. This aspect of the Dragonborn mentality means that few exhibit a leisurely approach to the practice of skills or abilities.

Most of them strive instead to achieve mastery in a particular skill, and even those among the other races who do so in life earn the respect of the Dragonborn. As a result, most of the Dragonborn who seek life in adventure do so primarily to fulfill their desire to prove themselves and earn the respect of their brethren.


The origin of the Dragonborn race is uncertain and shrouded in myth. While the origin of the Tel’Quessir as Corellon’s children is undisputed, and the dwarves firmly believe in their stone origins, Dragonborn are not sure of their lineage. Some Abeir legends state that Asgorath, the first and greatest of the Dragon Gods, created Dragonborn as servants for the first dragons.

These stories also state that Dragonborn, like the dragons themselves, were formed from essences from the Astral Sea and Elemental Chaos. However, they may have been favored more by elemental nature, as with the dragons. A small part of the Dragonborn Tymanthers believe in a slight difference because they think the dragonlords of Abeir bred them to serve them as slaves.

Most Asked Questions regarding Dragonborn

We’ve answered some of the common questions people have about dragonborn below.

Are chromatic Dragonborn evil?

There is no definitive answer, as morality is relative. Some people might consider chromatic dragonborn to be evil because of their alignment with chromatic dragons, which are often considered to be evil. Others may not consider them to be evil because they have free will and can choose their own alignment.

How do you name Dragonborn?

There are many ways to name a Dragonborn. Some people use real world names, while others make up names that sound dragon-like.