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Looking for a great elvish name? Look no further! Here you'll find a wide selection of names for all kinds of elves, plus an elf name generator to help you find the perfect name for your elf character.

Elf Name Generator

The elf name generator is a tool for creating perfect elf names for both male and female characters. Whether you’re looking for a name for your next D&D character, or just want to add a little extra flavor to your role-playing game, this generator will do the trick. To use the generator, simply click one of the buttons. This will generate a random elf name, which you can then use however you see fit.

If you’re not satisfied with the name, simply click one of the buttons again to get a new one. So what are you waiting for?

Elves are one of the most popular fantasy creatures and have been appearing in stories, movies, and games for many years. They are often depicted as being small, slender, and having pointy ears. Elves are also often magical creatures with special powers.

Ever since The Lord of the Rings, at the latest, it’s hard to imagine fantasy without them: elves. For some, they are the epitome of eternal elegance and beauty. For others, they are strange tree huggers. But regardless of subjective opinion, they are an important part of well-known and influential fantasy worlds.

Besides the already mentioned importance in Tolkien’s works, they appear, for example, in tabletop games (Warhammer with the High Elves, Dark Elves, and Wood Elves), video games (playable race in The Elder Scrolls), or books (the Elves series by Bernhard Hennen). And many pen & paper systems, from The Black Eye to Dungeons & Dragons, also see the pointy ears as an integral part of their worlds.

Female Elf Names / Elf Girl Names

female elf names

If you are looking to name your female elf character, there are a few things to consider. First, what is the elf’s personality like? Is she shy or outgoing? Is she fierce or gentle? Consider her personality when choosing a name. Another thing to consider is the elf’s homeland. What is the culture and history like? Are there any naming traditions that you can draw from?

Finally, think about what the name sounds like. Does it flow well? Is it easy to pronounce? A name that is too difficult to pronounce can be frustrating. With all of these things in mind, here are a few ideas for elf names to get you started.

  • Ciradyl Kelrie
  • Ailre Valwarin
  • Isarrel Qirie
  • Wirenth Yllafaren
  • Caeda Venrora
  • Ehlark Inalar
  • Elauthin Iarjeon
  • Nasir Syljeon
  • Emmyth Xilharice
  • Gaerradh Yesdithas
  • Taeral Cailamin
  • Tannatar Liamenor
  • Iliphar Venxalim
  • Kilyn Norric
  • Cornaith Waessys
  • Nym Naeceran
  • Adorellan Zylqirelle
  • Elauthin Leokalyn
  • Ithronel Perlen
  • Elaith Engella
  • Irhaal Thesatra
  • Cornaith Waessatra
  • Meriel Aramys
  • Azariah Holaven
  • Farryn Presrel
  • Bellas Ravasandoral
  • Maeral Reypeiros
  • Thalanil Leojeon
  • Goras Liacaryn
  • Tannatar Greris

Don’t worry if you can’t find a female elf name you like in this list, just head on over to our elf name generator. There you’ll find a much larger selection of elf names.

Male Elf Names / Elf Boy Names

male elf name

When it comes to naming your male elf character, there are a few things to take into consideration. For starters, what is the character’s personality like? Is he mischievous and playful? Or is he more serious and reserved? Once you have an idea of his personality, you can start brainstorming names that would suit him. Another thing to consider is the character’s profession or role in the story. Is he a warrior? A wizard? A ranger? The name you choose should reflect his profession or role.

Finally, you’ll want to make sure the name you choose fits with the setting of your story. Is it a high fantasy setting? A medieval setting? A modern setting? The name you choose should be appropriate for the time period and location in which your story takes place. With all of these things in mind, you should have no trouble coming up with the perfect name for your male elf character.

  • Elred Xyrdove
  • Kilyn Perrona
  • Lathlaeril Trisnelis
  • Khiiral Zinjeon
  • Arryn Sarna
  • Dain Ulatris
  • Fylson Leobalar
  • Aimer Iarxalim
  • Cyran Joyra
  • Phraan Wysarieth
  • Sinaht Wynvalur
  • Lathlaeril Sarhice
  • Micaiah Phira
  • Lyari Heleydark
  • Ailre Hertris
  • Maiele Qibalar
  • Falael Trisren
  • Conall Adnan
  • Halamar Wynyarus
  • Navarre Arakian
  • Adresin Morneiros
  • Adorellan Liatoris
  • Elred Yelleth
  • Ehlark Waeszeiros
  • Filaurel Vasalor
  • Amrynn Ralocan
  • Khyrmin Oloyra
  • Cithrel Qinceran
  • Ruven Elazana
  • Kilyn Miajyre

If you’re still struggling to find a male elf name, our elf name generator will give you a much larger selection to choose from.

Elvish Last Names / Elven Surnames

There are many different ways to create an elvish last name, as there are many different cultures and sub-cultures within the elvish race. However, some common methods of creating an elvish last name include taking the name of an ancestor or place and adding an ending such as “-iel” or “-ath” (meaning “child of” and “from” respectively). Other common methods include modifying the spelling of human last names, or creating an entirely new name that sounds elvish.

  • Chaeneiros
  • Keacan
  • Uriqen
  • Fathana
  • Shaydark
  • Valqen
  • Favaris
  • Keymenor
  • Ercaryn
  • Eilpetor
  • Valsatra
  • Waesberos
  • Shamoira
  • Wynsys
  • Ralokrana
  • Vamaer
  • Trisleth
  • Phiroris
  • Elzeiros
  • Wynjyre
  • Qinnelis
  • Genthyra
  • Chaewenys
  • Lorabalar
  • Wynmoira
  • Leorie
  • Tortumal
  • Trapetor
  • Urizana
  • Aeqirelle

Famous Elf Names

There are many famous elves in the fantasy genre, but some of the most popular. Most of them are incredibly powerful and skilled in magic, making them some of the most famous and well-known elves in all of fantasy.

  • Dobby Books: Harry Potter
  • Buddy The Elf – Movie: Elf
  • Jen And Kira – Movie: The Dark Crystal
  • Malekith And The Dark Elves – Movie: Thor: The Dark World
  • Arwen – Books: Lord Of The Rings
  • Galadriel – Books: Lord Of The Rings
  • Elrond – Books: Lord Of The Rings
  • Legolas – Books: Lord Of The Rings
  • Vivec – Video Games: one of the three god-kings of Morrowind

Cool Elf Names with Meanings

The fantasy genre is full of cool elf names. Here are some of them from fantasy books and movies.

  • Eowyn – This elvish name is fit for a true Lord of the Rings fan. It originates from the Tolkien language and simply means ‘horse joy’.
  • Elbereth – The name Elbereth is regal and steeped in history. It comes from the Elvish Sindarin language and has the meaning of being ‘star queen’. If you’re looking for a name for your baby girl that is both unique and has a beautiful meaning, then Elbereth is the perfect choice.
  • Calen – Calen is a unique Elvish name that has its roots in the Sindarin language. It means ‘a green one’, which is pretty fitting since most Elves are associated with nature.
  • Alfreda– Alfreda is an elvish name that comes from the English origin. It’s a unique name that simply means ‘counsel’.
  • Aubree – This is a beautifully unique elvish name that has its origins coming from the French culture. It simply means ‘a ruler’.
  • Elanor – This Elvish girl name is quite rare and lovely, perfect for a little angel. It comes from the Sindarin language and means “sun star” or “the sun”.
  • Aerin – If you’re looking for a name that will make you feel like a total badass, look no further than Aerin. This Elvish name comes from the Tolkien language and has the meaning of “ocean.” It’s a fancy form of the name Erin, and it’s one of the coolest elf names out there.
  • Aredhel – Aredhel is one of those fancy schmancy elves with a uppity sounding name. It comes from the snooty Quenya language and simply means “the noblewoman”. This name comes under the category of “fantasy elf names” which is code for “way too good for you, plebeian”.
  • Anna – This Elvish name is the perfect name for your baby girl. It’s short, sweet, and has the meaning of ‘a gift’.
  • Elva – This rare and unique elvish name comes from the English name ‘Elvina’. It has the meaning of ‘a friend’.
  • Arwen – This is an uncommon name for a baby girl, derived from the Sindarin language, meaning “a noble maiden.”
  • Alma – This cute Elvish name means ‘maiden garland with good fortune’.

There Are Many Types of Elves

The attempt to create an overview of all forms of elves in myths and legends would fill a very thick book. The general concept of the creatures and details vary from cultural area to individual author. This makes elves one of the most heterogeneous peoples of sagas and legends.

Formative for the modern image of elves in fantasy are traditions from Norse and Germanic mythology. In these, elves are seen as supernatural beings and associated with nature spirits or gods. Magical abilities and incredible beauty set them apart from humans. As a result, elves were sometimes considered a form people could ascend after their death.

Light and dark elves

The Snorra-Edda, one of the most important sources of Old Norse myths, poems, and sagas, provides different views. Here we find the division of the elves into graceful light elves and loathsome dark elves who dwell underground. This is reminiscent of the Christian duality of angels and demons.

light and dark elves

Modern fantasy also exploits the opposing nature of these two races. Thus, dark elves not only play an important role in the Warhammer universe mentioned at the beginning but also in the last God of War part. The latter sends the protagonist Kratos and his son to Alfheim in the middle of the war between the two elven races.


In general, our modern image of elves is often limited to the idea of graceful light elves. Especially in the Middle Ages, however, elves were often said to have bad intentions. Although they could help people, they could also cause diseases or kidnap children. This may be where the idea of the mischievous supernatural being that we identify with fairies today originated.

Santa’s helpers

Especially in the American region, a different idea of elves still dominates today. Here they are seen as hardworking helpers of Santa Claus in his workshop. This image probably emerged towards the end of the 19th century through poems, books, and illustrations. It is thought to romanticize the American dream of capitalism.

Santa Claus acts as overseers over an empire of toys and candy produced by many willing helpers. The truth might have been completely different. Instead of singing and dancing elves, the toys were actually produced by poor immigrants in factories. But the depiction of workers toiling for hours on end is not quite as pleasant as that of droll creatures that barely reach Santa’s waist.

Half the population of Iceland believes in elves?

In my research, I came across several reports discussing the belief in elves in Iceland. For example, this National Geographic article includes the statement that 54% of Iceland’s population believes in the existence of elves or at least considers it likely. The town of Hafnarfjörður offers tourists a tour through which one can visit the homes of elves. And if you want to become an expert in the field, you can spend an afternoon in the Elfschool in Reykjavik. This not only teaches its students about elves but also presents reports about encounters of people with mythical creatures.

iceland elves

However, the statement about the belief in elves in Iceland is not so general. Indeed, one will meet a few Icelanders who list their direct belief in these mythical creatures. But at the same time, just as few will vigorously deny their existence. Rather, many Icelanders keep the room open for interpretation. On the one hand, this is due to a sense of attachment to national sagas and legends. On the other hand, Icelanders want to play it safe: If elves exist, they don’t want to enrage them by doubting their existence. After all, who would want to incur the vengeance of a mythological figure?

Tolkien saw his elves as the ideal image of humans

According to the official J.R.R. Tolkien biography by Humphrey Carpenter, the Elves reflected Tolkien’s Christian conception of the ideal human being. Though equal to humans, they are wiser, more empathetic, and free from human limitations such as death. Thus they resemble the biblical description of man before the expulsion from paradise.

tolkien elves

However, it cannot be denied that the elves mentioned above from Germanic and Norse mythology also influenced the depiction in Tolkien’s works. For example, parallels between the Noldor, the group of elves that includes Feanor and Galadriel, to the Túatha Dé Danann from the Book of the Taking of the Lands of Ireland can be seen. Some elements of this Irish mythology collection may have served as inspiration for events in The Silmarillion and The Lord of the Rings.

FAQ regarding Elf

Here you will find some of the most frequent questions people have about elves and the answers that should clear things up.

How do I come up with my elf name?

To come up with elf names, you can either use a elf name generator or come up with a name yourself. If you want to come up with a name yourself, you can start by thinking of what kind of elf you are. Are you a good elf or a mischievous elf? Are you a boy or a girl? Once you have an idea of what kind of elf you are, you can start brainstorming names. If you’re having trouble coming up with a name, try looking up elf names online for inspiration.

What abilities do elves have?

– Immortality. Do not age once they are fully grown
– Souls are reborn
– Delayed gestation
– Can walk on snow without sinking in
– Improved sensory perception
– Predominantly magic gifted
– Immune to diseases
– Most dirt rolls off their skin

Is Tinkerbell a fairy or an elf?

She is a fairy because she can fly and produce fairy dust that enables other creatures to fly.