Gnome Names & Gnome Name Generator

Here you will find a great selection of names and a gnome name generator for all kinds of gnomes. Be it for your garden gnome to the fantasy game character.

Gnome Name Generator

This gnome name generator allows you to generate 10 new gnome names in one click. Simply select the button that corresponds to what you need, then click on it – e.g., if you need a male name, choose the “Male” button.

Gnome names might not be easy to pronounce and usually consist of syllables. Sometimes they also feature sounds that may not be familiar to other races. To avoid inconvenience and confusion, they sometimes take up names in common, as it is easier for them to pronounce.

Gnomes are usually magic-gifted little creatures, especially tricky and handy. Sometimes they help people if you can trust the folk tales – but they are always to be enjoyed with caution and demand something in return. In fantasy roleplaying, they are entertaining.

Gnomes can be traced back to ancient Greek and Roman cultures, but the modern garden gnome originates from Germany.

Male Gnome Names / Boy Gnome Names

The male gnomes are said to be rather ugly. Mostly the gnomes live underground in caves or earth dwellings, and it always looks chaotic and like a workshop there. This is also expressed in the appearance of the male gnomes because vanity is entirely alien to them; they evaluate things and even clothing only according to their practical utility. It is relatively rare for a male gnome to look for a female gnome. Most of them live alone and feel very comfortable doing so.

male gnome names

Try our Gnome name generator if you don’t like the choices below. It will generate many more male gnome names for you.

  • Hyrkic
  • Parbam
  • Japnic
  • Froveck
  • Snankkim
  • Zimjemick
  • Narkarock
  • Lisakmack
  • Tosaaddwic
  • Paamodnost
  • Smekyc
  • Gonsmat
  • Ramtat
  • Knikwyt
  • Wepnock
  • Dirbirat
  • Derkabeem
  • Madivack
  • Rawemdip
  • Besonsness
  • Raaddwot
  • Ziddnac
  • Hainkat
  • Slorkir
  • Jenkkac
  • Gegbevir
  • Sniddebait
  • Scahurkop
  • Danelvut
  • Wadibbrass

Female Gnome Names / Girl Gnome Names

Gnome women are gorgeous and attractive. The female gnomes probably feel very neglected and have a lot of time for personal and cosmetic care. Perhaps they are desperately trying to interest their gnome husband in them, and that’s why they put so much effort into their appearance.

female gnome names e1645539662716

Try our Gnome name generator if you don’t like the suggestions below. It will generate many other female gnome names for you.

  • Femmo
  • Cliegnip
  • Clunsnom
  • Glulno
  • Noppeel
  • Blinglemoss
  • Phirwiwu
  • Thuwieddnyss
  • Thenurbill
  • Blalerbaar
  • Flupwi
  • Flignim
  • Pedlos
  • Fapper
  • Munke
  • Cegbaadyr
  • Sleglisan
  • Fneweddne
  • Clubemmoth
  • Smoveppus
  • Mydnor
  • Snillmat
  • Neddom
  • Clobblill
  • Shilbe
  • Fnopnobath
  • Smudlavop
  • Slovikmall
  • Ebokwill
  • Owaalme

Funny Gnome Names

Here are some funny names for gnomes that should stand out for those gnomes that have a little something extra and that should put a smile on other people’s faces when they hear their name.

funny gnome names
  • Sharkey Finn
  • Felix Bignoodle
  • Smiggles
  • Flimp
  • Betty Fizzlebang
  • Shorthouse
  • Fenthwick Fizzlebang
  • Thurgood Magee
  • Lucky Nimbledigit
  • Bombus Clockmort
  • Dipple Sprocket
  • Muckbuckle
  • Half-pint
  • Hands Magee
  • Sonny Boddyhop
  • Bingles
  • Short-shot
  • Blink Millybonk
  • Filius Fillydook
  • Bellpepper
  • Dino Dinwiddie
  • Chug Dignugget
  • Millybonk
  • Mixithinklicker
  • Dirtteeth
  • Rondo Dimbuckle
  • Snaps McKraken
  • Aripine
  • Prufrock Paintedpants
  • Zeph Nocktonick
  • Braggett Nickleplenty
  • Blinky Blathersoil
  • Fats Rumbuckle
  • Burty Fizzingbuns
  • Bimble Tegginuckey
  • Balabar Muckbuckle

Good Gnome Names

Finding good gnome names can sometimes be very difficult. The name should fit the gnome well by reflecting his character traits and appearance. Here you have a small compilation of good gnome names that are very popular.

  • Kierna
  • Wicket
  • Tink
  • Corni
  • Darra
  • Sharkey
  • Rascryn
  • Zeph
  • Koemi
  • Sahana
  • Ziggy
  • Zinna
  • Rowan
  • Gigget
  • Peanut
  • Banxi
  • Charlene
  • Gemmy
  • Troy
  • Simon
  • Walby
  • Adva
  • Elfi
  • Pipi
  • Begnym
  • Carlin
  • Kiara
  • Snaps
  • Bink
  • Tegginuckey

Garden Gnome Names

The term garden gnomes refer to figures of gnomes made of stone (marble, sandstone), plastic, or fired clay (ceramic, terracotta). Whether for the design and decoration of gardens, front gardens, house entrances, meadow, or terrace areas. Classic garden gnomes are fired from clay and painted by hand, are male, and usually wear a white beard and a red pointed cap similar to Santa Claus.

Have you thought of a name for your garden gnome yet? You may want to look at the list below. I’ve also included some popular names from past generations so you can see how trends change over time.

  • Frelwic Littlefoot
  • Merzu Shelfbender
  • Fruklu Terratemp
  • Dellig Steelback
  • Banli Waggletop
  • Gontull Claymoulder
  • Helgae Bunnyhop
  • Bratlic Turfsurvey
  • Snegick Boulderforger
  • Kelgim Milkgetter
  • Warver Eyeswitcher
  • Drendan Magitrix
  • Aiko Barkhide
  • Brukthu Crystalfinder
  • Abrebumast Mugiams
  • Bodli Bedrocklegs
  • Sheethag Tilecleanser
  • Kretlec Dirtteeth
  • Xogim Flintsweeper
  • Brassy Grasteeth
  • Graziver Slatenose
  • Shockhig Brickgetter
  • Figglar Gemfinger
  • Tildrull Dustsnorter
  • Aiky Wockett
  • Armida Plum
  • Askieh Rubylegs
  • Brenna Fizzlebang
  • Jenna Tinkler
  • Kemkeishi Wedgefeet
  • Miette McGibbles
  • Posy Nibbler
  • Schnasgienni Pelletdigger

Different Types of Gnomes

The word “gnome” is derived from the Greek word “gnomos,” meaning “earth-dweller.” Gnomes are usually depicted as little people who live underground. They have been around for millennia and can be found in many cultures.

In ancient Greece, gnomes were called daimones, and they were said to be the spirits of earth and nature. In Scandinavian folklore, they were called Nisse or Tomte. They were considered benevolent beings that would help with farm work, such as planting crops or looking after animals.

tomte gnome names

In Denmark and Finland, gnomes are called Tomte-Nisse or Joulupukki, respectively. They are said to bring gifts for children on Christmas Eve if they have been good throughout the year.

Everything you need to know about gnomes

Gnomes are as ancient a race as dwarves and goblins. However, they have evolved over time into a species all their own. They live for science and inventions, especially fond of machines.

Often they are entirely out of touch with reality and seem very confused. They are usually friendly and peace-loving beings. However, you must not interrupt their thoughts or even break something. Then gnomes can become quite gruff and rude.

Probably the gnomes originate from Nordic mythology. However, this is not certain. Meanwhile, they can live all over the world. Then they also have the usual appearance of the country. So if they live among the Indians, they also look like Indians. Their skin color and facial features are adapted to the Chinese in China.

Since gnomes are earth spirits, this worldwide spread has to do with exploiting mineral resources. Gnomes are simply trying to find a quiet place globally for their scientific work.

Since they are pleased about successes, they don’t mind passing on their ideas and inventions to the people. Gnome does not strive for wealth or possessions unless he can put them to good use. He is simply happy when he has succeeded in a significant development, and others can profit from it.

Abilities and characteristics of gnomes

They have the gift to transform themselves into other forms. These do not necessarily have to be living beings. Gnomes are pretty capable of transforming into things like a piece of wood, a broom, or a picture on the wall. They usually use this technique when looking for inspiration from people or when they want to bring their ideas to them. They also like to hoard treasures and hide them so well that they often forget where they stored them themselves.

Frequently Asked Questions about Gnomes

In this section, we have collected some questions regarding Gnomes and answered them for you.

Where do gnomes come from?

Probably the gnomes come from Nordic mythology and are a further development of the dwarves. Gnomes are brilliant mythical creatures that like to research and develop. They are friendly creatures who want to get to the bottom of everything and are passionate about exploring and inventing things.

What does a gnome do?

They are earth spirits who guard the elements of the earth. Like dwarves, goblins, and other mountain spirits, gnomes are considered treasure guardians in popular belief. They also can change their shape if necessary.

How long do gnomes live?

Gnomes are very inventive and have lived for about 300 years. They love to have fun but are also a little less-than-trustworthy.

What is the difference between a gnome and a dwarf?

Gnomes are relatively large compared to fairies and smaller than dwarves. They come in both good and evil forms. They mostly have magical abilities and live in dens/caves in the forest or mountain areas.