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Welcome to the imperial name generator! Here we provide you with a wide variety of imperial names to choose from. Whether you're looking for a name for your emperor or empress, your gladiator or your assassin, we've got you covered."

Imperial Name Generator

The Imperial Name Generator can help you create unique and exotic names for your characters in the Elder Scrolls games. Whether you’re looking for an Imperial name for your Skyrim character or an Oblivion name for your Daedric Prince, this generator can help you create the perfect moniker. With options for both male and female names, you’re sure to find the perfect fit for your needs. So go ahead and give it a try!

Imperial names and the imperial name generator are a great way to add some flavor to your character in The Elder Scrolls games. Imperial names are perfect for Elder Scrolls fans who want to create a more authentic experience for their characters. There are a ton of different imperial names to choose from, so you can find the perfect one for your character. Whether you’re looking for a traditional imperial name or something more unique, the imperial name generator has you covered.

Female Imperial Names

Female imperial names were highly significant in Ancient Rome and indicated a woman’s familial connection to the emperor. A woman who bore the emperor’s name was usually his daughter, granddaughter, or great-granddaughter. There were also women who took the emperor’s name after becoming his wife, concubine, or mistress. The practice of adopting the emperor’s name died out after the fall of the Roman Empire, but the tradition was revived in the Byzantine Empire. The use of imperial names by women continued into the modern era, with royal women often taking the names of their husbands.

female imperial names
  • Arentula Navulusus Daughter Of Arentula
  • Carlorana Calis Daughter Of Carlorana
  • Avrestita Pulette Daughter Of Avrestita
  • Ciitta Puran Daughter Of Ciitta
  • Restidina Muspuius Daughter Of Restidina
  • Hofre Accectus Daughter Of Hofre
  • Fammala Mallinius Daughter Of Fammala
  • Lavittoria Garenus Daughter Of Lavittoria
  • Erilfre Logitian Daughter Of Erilfre
  • Ciloe Paporia Daughter Of Ciloe
  • Viovita Quinand Daughter Of Viovita
  • Giafora Laenullus Daughter Of Giafora
  • Brodara Maccusius Daughter Of Brodara
  • Marillia Donian Daughter Of Marillia
  • Larissinia Andidius Daughter Of Larissinia
  • Pellerana Maral Daughter Of Pellerana
  • Larilena Musissaeia Daughter Of Larilena
  • Marinda Felis Daughter Of Marinda
  • Aelena Petiosus Daughter Of Aelena
  • Laurimmana Silvilchiotus Daughter Of Laurimmana
  • Ettiemana Cosmunceia Daughter Of Ettiemana
  • Horusila Esderia Daughter Of Horusila
  • Sabrindia Pulliusus Daughter Of Sabrindia
  • Narivia Laecevelus Daughter Of Narivia
  • Sibyxia Polarian Daughter Of Sibyxia
  • Sylobel Turengius Daughter Of Sylobel
  • Ysappina Macrellus Daughter Of Ysappina
  • Flaveria Jerenus Daughter Of Flaveria
  • Faustiria Scinilius Daughter Of Faustiria
  • Pilena Logen Daughter Of Pilena

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Male Imperial Names

There’s something regal and profound about a male imperial name. It’s the mark of a true leader, someone who commands respect and authority. And while there are plenty of other impressive names out there, there’s something about an imperial name that just feels… well, bigger. Maybe it’s the historical weight of all the great rulers who have borne the name before. Or maybe it’s the simple fact that it sounds so darn regal.

Whatever the reason, there’s no denying that a male imperial name comes with a certain air of power and prestige. If you’re looking to give your son a name that conveys strength, nobility, and all the other qualities of a true leader, then an imperial name is the way to go. Here are a few of our favorites to get you started:

male imperial names
  • Aripius Ponilius
  • Codubo Arrick
  • Valgion Junalian
  • Irladius Nirain
  • Prigio Roselia
  • Savland Prenius
  • Trenhonder Annilius
  • Leondeius Rufugrius
  • Luvebonius Brodienus
  • Aeborudus Vitian
  • Galtir Lexadia
  • Benanian Varralian
  • Luspiand Sibori
  • Vontonius Hodiulus
  • Casicus Olcildor
  • Aleque Purellia
  • Gregeas Wavecus
  • Marsirian Apinanis
  • Nostato Kratonia
  • Rimesius Valgidia
  • Itiullian Denildor
  • Astibrio Gioriotus
  • Dionimus Rosuseius
  • Sorunus Septuceius
  • Melula Tremim
  • Ennosus Oholinia
  • Tinanus Desadia
  • Valvius Antustius
  • Crasilian Loral
  • Grennius Plalevius

If you’re looking for a regal and imperial sounding name for a male character, look no further! Our imperial name generator has tons of great name options for you to choose from. Give it a try today and find the perfect name for your character!

Imperial Names Elder Scrolls

An empire by definition is a group of countries under a single ruler. In The Elder Scrolls series, there are several empires that players can encounter. The most notable are the Alessian Empire, the First Empire of the Nords, the Cyrodilic Empire, and the Reman Empire. Each of these empires has their own distinct cultures and customs. The Alessian Empire is based off of the Roman Empire and is the most powerful empire in the game.

The First Empire of the Nords is the first empire established in the game and is the most warlike. The Cyrodilic Empire is the largest empire in the game and is very diverse. The Roman Empire is the most recently formed empire and is the most imperialistic. Players can choose to join any of these empires and help them to grow even stronger.

There are many benefits to being a part of an empire. Some of these benefits include increased protection, access to better resources, and the ability to participate in large-scale events. So if you’re looking for a sense of community and want to help an empire become even stronger, look into joining one of the great imperial factions in The Elder Scrolls series.

imperial names elder scrolls
  • Laurimmana Silvilchiotus Daughter Of Laurimmana
  • Frunara Geonelius Daughter Of Frunara
  • Brucialius Baenidicus
  • Vittoda Ponirus Daughter Of Vittoda
  • Brotis Nucennia Daughter Of Brotis
  • Fraphon Sibevelus
  • Perenne Hasildor Daughter Of Perenne
  • Cosmatus Liorotis
  • Plavresa Septilchiotus Daughter Of Plavresa
  • Humitan Pindustius
  • Jiroren Aurocius
  • Clelowyn Binillius
  • Aviescia Caelodius Daughter Of Aviescia
  • Caldaxia Oranesius Daughter Of Caldaxia
  • Panirina Jarevus Daughter Of Panirina
  • Galtandrus Cinnalius
  • Martine Malinia Daughter Of Martine
  • Rodenus Vulusus
  • Ennin Micelius
  • Dexivirian Belinius
  • Cociscius Graverius
  • Lekenara Aborius Daughter Of Lekenara
  • Barisus Tereim
  • Hermirtia Vesagrius Daughter Of Hermirtia
  • Arrimo Vunnonia
  • Aminivus Nucotepelus
  • Arievinia Concacia Daughter Of Arievinia
  • Canondria Conecus Daughter Of Canondria
  • Johnilian Vantimus
  • Hermila Hodguius Daughter Of Hermila

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Skyrim Imperial Names

The Imperial race is native to the province of Cyrodiil, in the realm of Tamriel. They are a proud and prosperous people, and their names reflect their regal heritage.Male Imperial names are typically masculine and commanding, while female names are often beautiful and delicate. Many Imperial names are derived from ancient Tamrielic languages, such as Old Cyrodiilic and Aldmeris. Here are some common Imperial names:

skyrim imperial names
  • Malperus Aciluius
  • Septula Corribonia
  • Fammassinia Siginus Daughter Of Fammassinia
  • Janodrie Micifus Daughter Of Janodrie
  • Dyulav Mucestrake
  • Sevebrina Lolain Daughter Of Sevebrina
  • Aveciele Sepone
  • Benugesto Hertentius
  • Luta Avidenix Daughter Of Luta
  • Etilea Duilin Daughter Of Etilea
  • Fammarana Blacon Daughter Of Fammarana
  • Lalaimma Bellengius Daughter Of Lalaimma
  • Letrilvus Logustiris
  • Lubrina Velvassius Daughter Of Lubrina
  • Horutellia Armissaeia Daughter Of Horutellia
  • Domirta Ottucia Daughter Of Domirta
  • Irlario Garon
  • Salvilis Poneia
  • Fammanne Decellius Daughter Of Fammanne
  • Aunilcabor Uules
  • Viledara Jularia Daughter Of Viledara
  • Selvidia Manidia Daughter Of Selvidia
  • Laurlena Cnisanis Daughter Of Laurlena
  • Rosecella Wavruius Daughter Of Rosecella
  • Mibia Gabina Daughter Of Mibia
  • Safistia Gregidenius Daughter Of Safistia
  • Gaviera Nunceia Daughter Of Gaviera
  • Farinstance Ponadia Daughter Of Farinstance
  • Maland Sepain
  • Nariana Paliosus Daughter Of Nariana

Don’t worry if you don’t like the skyrim imperial names suggested above, our imperial name generator will help you find the perfect name.

Oblivion Imperial Names

It’s a fascinating topic, isn’t it? There’s something very intriguing about the names of empires that have long since been forgotten. It’s as if we can barely remember them, and yet they’re still there, just out of reach.

What do we know about these empires? What can we glean from their names?

It’s interesting to think about how these empires must have looked in their prime. Glorious and powerful, they no doubt commanded respect and admiration from those who lived under their rule.

And yet, they’re gone now. Lost to the ravages of time. All that remains are their names, fading into obscurity.

It’s a reminder that even the mightiest empires eventually fall. And that everything, no matter how great it once was, eventually fades into oblivion.

oblivion imperial names
  • Girina Spuronia Daughter Of Girina
  • Rolipius Culunceia
  • Silufus Benario
  • Benand Leotick
  • Sabristita Harmestrake Daughter Of Sabristita
  • Lanilius Varollius
  • Mallanus Marana
  • Leyilvus Oholipter
  • Dofre Berentanus Daughter Of Dofre
  • Craedrie Herulusus Daughter Of Craedrie
  • Indamitia Silvinia Daughter Of Indamitia
  • Plaveria Esdrelius Daughter Of Plaveria
  • Lekenda Broludilius Daughter Of Lekenda
  • Sergumus Prelalian
  • Vaussia Uulan Daughter Of Vaussia
  • Clivolia Kratalius Daughter Of Clivolia
  • Caertia Pinesius Daughter Of Caertia
  • Herdusanis Horeim
  • Laviera Burelian Daughter Of Laviera
  • Marlestina Silvon Daughter Of Marlestina
  • Mercinus Nerillius
  • Caldavolia Ostoria Daughter Of Caldavolia
  • Vaula Soruliulus Daughter Of Vaula
  • Falxillian Velvevius
  • Alessara Closianus Daughter Of Alessara
  • Gegrina Tullanus Daughter Of Gegrina
  • Larina Bernannus Daughter Of Larina
  • Larrunius Laeciant
  • Narista Bradocius Daughter Of Narista
  • Inietch Blacevelus

Don’t worry if you can’t find oblivion imperial names you like in our lists! Just try our imperial name generator and you’re sure to find one you’ll love.

Imperial Last Names

There’s something regal and imperial about a last name that has been passed down through the generations. It’s a sign of strength and tradition, and it’s a way to connect with our ancestors. Whether you’re looking to add a bit of history to your name or you’re just curious about your family’s past, learning about imperial last names can be a fun and enlightening experience. Here’s a look at some of the most common imperial last names and their meanings.

The first imperial last name on our list is Romanov. This name was given to the ruling family of Russia from 1613 to 1917. The Romanovs were a powerful and influential dynasty, and their name still carries a lot of weight today.

Another well-known imperial last name is Habsburg. This name belonged to the royal family of Austria and Hungary from the 12th to the 20th centuries. The Habsburgs were a major European power during their reign, and their name is still associated with royalty and prestige.

Another imperial last name with German roots is Hohenzollern. This name belonged to the ruling family of Prussia from 1415 to 1918. The Hohenzollerns were a major force in European politics, and their name is still associated with power and strength.

Finally, we have Windsor. This name was given to the British royal family in 1917, when they changed their name from the Germanic Saxe-Coburg-Gotha. The Windsor name is still used by the British royal family today, and it’s synonymous with royalty and class.

imperial last names
  • Gruiacella
  • Plininnius
  • Medonius
  • Hoffelian
  • Catissaeia
  • Geonugrius
  • Artidus
  • Talacia
  • Golinnius
  • Accectus
  • Antanus
  • Statio
  • Logione
  • Aurrillius
  • Autrius
  • Curellian
  • Rienalius
  • Prelalian
  • Civodius
  • Hanevius
  • Sepacia
  • Punusius
  • Falaso
  • Belidia
  • Ampiatius
  • Cruneria
  • Alfelli
  • Delellius
  • Musicius
  • Vandagrius

Frequently Asked Questions about Imperial

In this section, we have collected some questions regarding imperials and answered them for you!

What inspired the imperials in fantasy?

It’s hard to say what inspired the imperials in fantasy. Maybe it was the grandeur of the empires in our history, or the yearning for a time when things were simpler and more orderly. Whatever the reason, the imperials in fantasy are a popular trope and have been for many years. They often represent the height of human civilization, a time when humanity is at its best. They are a reminder that we can be great, that we can achieve wonders. They inspire us to reach for the stars.

How do the imperials in fantasy differ from other factions?

The imperials in fantasy differ from other factions in a few key ways. First, they are typically more organized and have a hierarchy in place. Second, they are often more militaristic and have a strong focus on physical strength. Finally, they tend to be more traditional and conservative in their beliefs and values.

Are the imperials in fantasy good or evil?

There isn’t really a definitive answer to this question as it varies depending on the particular fantasy story you are talking about. Generally speaking, however, imperials are usually either seen as being good or evil. Some people may see them as being Good because they provide order and stability, while others may see them as being Evil because they are often associated with war and oppression. It really all depends on your own personal interpretation.