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Whether you're looking for a name for a new Klingon warrior, or just want to find a cool name for yourself in the Klingon language, we've got you covered. Check out our selection of Klingon names, and find the perfect one for you.

Klingon Name Generator

There are many ways to choose a Klingon name, but one of the most popular is to use a Klingon name generator. This tool can help you select a meaningful and pronounceable name for you. Simply click on one of the buttons, and our tool will generate a list of possible Klingon names for you to choose from.

Klingons are a warrior race from the planet Qo’noS, and their names reflect their fierce and war-like nature. Klingon names are usually short and guttural and often end in ‘-gh’ or ‘-k’. Common Klingon names include Worf, Martok, and K’Ehleyr. They are known for their honor and skill in battle, and their names reflect these qualities.

Klingons who have distinguished themselves in battle often take on new names to reflect their status and accomplishments. So, if you’re looking for a name that reflects strength, honor, and a willingness to fight, a Klingon name might be what you’re looking for.

Female Klingon Names

There are many Star Trek fans who love to use female Klingon names for their pets. This is because female Klingons are often seen as being very powerful, dominating, and capable of handling family affairs. If you are looking for a female Klingon name for your pet or for a character you like, here is a list of some popular options.

female klingon names
  • K’esesh k’tackinn
  • T’yodang nas
  • korgh xassibh
  • Ch’larrd danjolt
  • larda ngovurno
  • aj’ol termdutha
  • chovahl fubh
  • H’udroghi lihnrozh
  • ugor jocegi
  • K’bex vordonna
  • W’udrergh shurgas
  • griskaz krota
  • L’esoq k’tissiv
  • K’upiz jahnatho
  • javargh qoz
  • otil thurseng
  • Ch’oted derstezhi
  • evird d’gherdargh
  • nedmall mvarga
  • wegroll g’garg
  • um’ahla barshork
  • T’buth klenkozh
  • gruclothi qirk
  • garriss g’urv
  • esash thuckax
  • tsigas mnehi
  • ekron jeshtar
  • rad g’ershobh
  • niruzi lor
  • utril mrortum

Male Klingon Names

When it comes to naming their newborn sons, Klingon fathers take a no-nonsense approach. There is no room for sentimentality or creativity when it comes to choosing a name that will instill fear and respect in others. The first and most important consideration is the meaning of klingon names.

mal klingon

A Klingon’s name is a reflection of his identity and his place in the universe. It is a badge of honor that is to be worn with pride. The second consideration is the pronunciation of the name. A Klingon name must be easy to pronounce, so that it can be uttered in the heat of battle. And finally, a Klingon name must be short and to the point. There is no need for elaborate titles or longwinded names. A simple, straightforward name is all that is needed. Here are some of the most popular male Klingon names:

  • Ch’lan zeched
  • ekil roctinn
  • L’rar istroth
  • stomahl tring
  • kovow jucta
  • wegroll g’garg
  • egres vumpidh
  • alass vawrerko
  • yogota hack
  • D’wiclewi hongi
  • wodo xontuch
  • ekan vocik
  • krarargh wat
  • yuth’uz g’ocka
  • okess k’tonkorv
  • suni wegac
  • nav’ew shirg
  • otil thurseng
  • um’ow vados
  • K’lonel k’targi
  • lekix klojo
  • K’athoq tortubh
  • ejing grarshuj
  • H’bet d’ghenles
  • ukak zahnonn
  • greng d’ghecuxo
  • chororgh lolt
  • opac ruhnubh
  • han jermdud
  • ushass pigosht

Physical Characteristics

On average, Klingons are larger and physically stronger than humans. They have no tear glands and red to pink blood. Klingons can suffer from various allergies. A strong collective reaction to tribbles is known, so Klingons have eradicated these animals from their territory. Compared to humans, they have a higher pulse rate due to their eight-chambered heart and lower body temperature. They are also quite sensitive to cold. However, to show this would be beneath them. In general, Klingons are reluctant to admit to physical ailments or illnesses. To even complain about discomfort or the like is understood by Klingons as a sign of weakness.

Klingons’ most striking physical feature is their forehead with pronounced ossifications called cranial ridges. Similar ridges run along the spine.

Klingon Culture

Rituals are very important in Klingon society. Unlike many other faiths, such as the Bajoran, the Klingons have no gods or god-like beings. They believe that when a Klingon dies, his spirit leaves the body, leaving only a worthless shell. Traditionally, those present howl to the heavens as a warning to the afterlife that a Klingon warrior is coming. Sometimes funeral chants are sung in memory of the deceased, or friends sit by the corpse to protect it from predators, known as Ak’Voh.

A Klingon is expected to eat the heart of his enemies and die in battle. This is also a requirement to enter Sto’Vo’Kor. Sto’Vo’Kor translates to “Home of the Warriors.” It is similar to Valhalla of the Norse mythology of Earth.

The blood ritual is practiced on various occasions. In this ritual, those present scratch their palms with a d’k tahg and then let the blood drip into a bowl. The ritual serves to prove that the warriors do not fear death.

Writing and Language

The Klingon letters are sweeping and have pointed ends. The alphabet seems to have fewer letters than, for example, that of humans. In ancient scripts, letters were written relatively large by human standards.

Most Asked Questions regarding Klingon

Here are some answers to frequently asked questions about klingon.

What is Worf’s last name?

Klingon society uses patronymic naming instead of surnames like we do. For example, Worf’s father was Mogh, so his full name would be “Worf, son of Mogh.” This system is similar to what’s used in Scandinavian countries.

Can you really learn Klingon?

Yes, you can! Learning Klingon is a big hurdle for many beginners, and it is not easy to get started, although the language is pretty simple.

Where does Klingon come from?

Klingon is an artificial language invented specifically for the alien race of “Klingons” in Star Trek. The first terms were designed by James Doohan (“Scotty”) in 1979 for the first Star Trek movie and contained some rough sounds from the Scottish language.