Kobold Names & Kobold Name Generator

There's no denying that kobolds are some of the most clever and resourceful creatures around. And what's one of the things they're most known for? Their names! Whether you're looking for a name for your own mischievous kobold character or you need to come up with a name for a group of kobolds in your campaign, there's no shortage of options with a kobold name generator. So go ahead and give one a try - after all, you know what they say: there's no such thing as a bad kobold name!"

Kobold Name Generator

The Kobold Name Generator can help you create names for your whole kobold tribe! Simply click the button below to generate a random kobold name. You can even generate names for specific clans or families within your tribe. So get started and create some really cool kobold names!

Kobolds are small, reptilian humanoids that are often considered to be pests by other races. Kobolds are known for their love of traps and their fear of dragons. They often live in close proximity to dragons, in the hopes of placating the beasts and avoiding being eaten.

Kobolds typically have short lifespans, and as such, they place a great deal of importance on reproduction. Kobolds also have a strong sense of community and tribe. Kobolds that leave their tribe are often looked down upon and are not welcomed back.

There are a variety of kobold names, as each tribe has its own naming conventions. Kobold names often have a meaning in their language, and many kobolds take great pride in their names.

If you’re looking for a kobold name for your character, there are a few things to keep in mind. First, decide if you want your kobold to have a traditional name or a more modern one. Then, consider what tribe your kobold comes from. Each tribe has different naming conventions, so you’ll want to make sure you choose a name that makes sense for your kobold’s tribe.

You can also use a kobold name generator to help you find the perfect name for your character. Simply enter some basic information about your kobold, and the generator will create a list of potential names for you to choose from.

Female Kobold Names

There are many beautiful and suggestive names for female kobolds. Some people believe that the name of a kobold says much about her personality and inner self. Here are some popular female kobold names:

female kobold names
  • Beehs Windsurge
  • Bidda Moonbreath
  • Irgi Broadflare
  • Thel Redblower
  • Khnekgi Mountaindigger
  • Klihl Platesurge
  • Khis Bloodbow
  • Thragu Spiderback
  • Bhrako Leadcrusher
  • Shis Bouldercrest
  • Geba Steelbrace
  • Tangla Broadchest
  • Szorre Mudchin
  • Dagle Leatherfall
  • Kheki Foolbasher
  • Gaiko Crowfang
  • Dhegnah Graysnout
  • Ghrebbi Brewstrike
  • Slahn Stoutchest
  • Szagri Brewchewer
  • Taamseel Clawblower
  • Shtaang Silentcutter
  • Strihn Skullwatcher
  • Zrizhke Riversnout
  • Bheamsze Barbfall
  • Sniklaa Fistguard
  • Khril Greyback
  • Zrade Fogchew
  • Bhin Strongdrifter
  • Thegei Wildrage

If you’re looking for more female kobold names, our kobold name generator is just a click away. With just a few clicks, you can generate more names for your kobold characters. So go ahead and give it a try!

Male Kobold Names

Whether you are playing a video game or writing a fantasy novel, it is always fun to choose the perfect name for your character. If you are looking for a male kobold name, here are some ideas to get you started.

Kobolds are a fun-loving and mischievous race, so your kobold name should reflect that. Try something silly like Boof, Fidget, or Giggles. Or go for a more bad-ass name like Firebreath, Awoken, or Spike.

Kobolds are also known for their love of treasure, so a name like hoarder, Scavenger, or Treasure hunter would also be appropriate.

Whatever you choose, make sure it is a name that you will enjoy saying and that fits your kobold character perfectly.

male kobold names
  • Chiaruc Tuskcoat
  • Brirg Moltenstrike
  • Geegon Dimbuster
  • Drangud Platebreaker
  • Zrirzurc Stoutbrace
  • Gingig Emberflaw
  • Crisz Flatstalker
  • Ghrunk Grassbane
  • Dezzak Stararm
  • Knubusk Steelfoot
  • Shed Keenseeker
  • Zic Emberbrow
  • Shigrur Boneblade
  • Clengarg Cragstride
  • Knux Brewmaster
  • Chirc Tuskgrip
  • Shrirk Starcleaver
  • Kruzdog Brewclaw
  • Bugmusz Fistdrifter
  • Vrirgaic Broadstrike
  • Ghrex Mukbrow
  • Cranded Grumblebuster
  • Stric Silentmark
  • Vabbix Dustbelt
  • Qhamgrerc Netherborn
  • Bex Palechaser
  • Chirkrex Mountainchew
  • Snurdreik Hornscar
  • Sziggisk Stoutbreath
  • Vesk Strongsnout

Don’t like any of the listed male kobold names? Use our kobold name generator to get a custom name for your kobold character.

Kobold Tribe Names

There are many different kobold tribe names out there, each with its own distinct history and meaning. No matter which kobold tribe you come from, you can be sure that you have a rich history and culture that sets you apart from the rest. So wear your tribe name with pride, and never forget where you came from! Some of the more popular ones include the following:

kobold tribe names
  • Goregut
  • Cliffdigger
  • Fooldrifter
  • Hardbough
  • Mudborn
  • Hornmaster
  • Leathercutter
  • Silentwound
  • Cragstrike
  • Brownmail
  • Stoutchew
  • Strongspine
  • Lonecut
  • Ferngrog
  • Wildpunch
  • Nightrunner
  • Mudhorn
  • Broadstalker
  • Lonemane
  • Netherbasher
  • Hardblade
  • Stonemail
  • Silentbash
  • Bitterchaser
  • Mountaindigger
  • Hornblood
  • Redchewer
  • Kragspine
  • Rapidcrag

With our kobold name generator, you can easily generate more kobold tribe names with just a click. Whether you need a name for your next D&D campaign or you just want to come up with some kobold names for fun, our generator will help you get the job done. Plus, our generator is always free to use, so you can keep generating names until you find the perfect one for your needs. So what are you waiting for? Give our kobold name generator a try today and see what kind of names you come up with!

5e Kobold Names

Kobolds are small, reptilian humanoids that live in the dark places of the world, such as the sewers and caves. They are known for their trap making and treasure hoarding.

If you are looking for some fun and creative kobold names for your next Dungeons and Dragons game, here are some great options:

5e kobold names
  • Chrakvi Goregut
  • Szing Cliffdigger
  • Zonsze Fooldrifter
  • Ves Hardbough
  • Zan Mudborn
  • Dih Hornmaster
  • Bax Leathercutter
  • Zor Silentwound
  • Shrian Cragstrike
  • Eezsol Brownmail
  • Strah Stoutchew
  • Zruzsuz Strongspine
  • Dih Lonecut
  • Thruzun Ferngrog
  • Vrisz Wildpunch
  • Scaiddeen Nightrunner
  • Xeizian Mudhorn
  • Cruzu Broadstalker
  • Knibbiz Lonemane
  • Bem Netherbasher
  • Ban Hardblade
  • Knurga Stonemail
  • Ghrithrox Silentbash
  • Strelgra Bitterchaser
  • Chreggiz Mountaindigger
  • Ilgran Hornblood
  • Ghrurching Redchewer
  • Shusz Kragspine
  • Eeldrung Bloodhammer
  • Shobban Rapidcrag

If you’re looking for more 5e kobold names, our kobold name generator is the perfect tool for you! With just one click, you can generate hundreds of new kobold names, all of which are perfect for your next D&D campaign. So what are you waiting for? Give it a try today!

Most Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Kobold

Some of the common questions people have about kobolds are answered below!

Why are kobolds evil?

There are many reasons why kobolds are considered evil. For one, they are often associated with dark and dangerous caves and mines, which can be scary and dangerous places for humans. Kobolds are also known for being sneaky and treacherous, and they often trick and deceive humans.

Additionally, kobolds are often said to be in league with evil spirits and demons, and they are sometimes said to worship the devil. All of these factors combine to make kobolds a fearsome and disliked creature in many cultures.

What are kobold characteristics?

According to legend, kobolds are small, goblin-like creatures that haunt mines and underground tunnels. They are said to be mischievous and sometimes malevolent, and are often depicted as carrying lanterns or candles tolight the way in the dark.

Some stories claim that kobolds were once Nibelungen, a race of underground dwarves, but were transformed into creatures of legend by a curse. whether they are real or not, kobolds have captured the public imagination, and have been featured in many works of fiction, including J.R.R. Tolkien‘s The Hobbit.

What is the difference between a kobold and a goblin?

A kobold is a small, mischievous creature that originates from Germanic folklore. They are often described as being ugly and resembling a small, deformed human or gnome. Goblins, on the other hand, are creatures that come from a variety of different folklore traditions. They are often described as being ugly and malicious, and they often have a love of causing mischief.

What is the kobold’s connection to dragons?

The kobold is a small, bipedal, intelligent creature that is timid, yet has a natural affinity for dragons. It is believed that kobolds are descendants of dragons, and while they do not have the ability to transform into one, they are able to communicate with them. Kobolds often help dragons in their lairs, and it is not uncommon for a kobold to be assigned to a young dragon as a caretaker.