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There are several online role-playing games where players can take on the role of orcs. Of course, the player must also get a proper orc name for this. But even game masters of the various pen-and-paper RPGs need a little inspiration now and then when assigning orc names to their nasty green stinking enemies for the heroes made of brains, imagination and dice. This orc name generator is for those people and anyone who might use it.

Orc Names / Orcish Names

Orcish names all have meaning; however, the meaning of older Orcish names, most of which are passed down within families, is often no longer apparent due to the linguistic evolution of Orcish. These names, whose meaning is no longer clear, continue to be used to honour glorious ancestors of the same name. The meaning of the name is still apparent; it has been added in parentheses.

Male orc names with their meanings

You can find many male orc names with their meanings in the list below. Use our orc name generator if you don’t see a proper orc name for your character. It will generate hundreds of different male orc names for you.

male orc names
  • Aashnar – wise tongue; name of a famous paagrio lord.
  • Baghnakh – a weapon
  • Bhugaash – glowing tongue
  • Bhugtupnat – glowing blade
  • Bothlak – name of a famous Paagrio lord
  • Ghroorgg – lava
  • Ghrtrommash – day of the battle
  • Ghrtnagharr – constant fight
  • Gorgh – honor
  • Gorgh’orrtagh – blood honor
  • Grakharr – name of the second Urutu chief
  • Hurghaash – tongue collector
  • Izgtokh – the one who will win
  • Jakhaa – name of the second Hestui chief
  • Karpaash – flame bearer
  • Kartokh – victory bearer
  • Karthial – honor bearer
  • Khork – wolf; totem animal of the Atuba tribe
  • Krefkath – bear; totem of the Hestui and name of a famous Paagrio lord
  • Krushash/ Kruschash – a fist
  • Morrak – strong secret, name of the first chief of the Duda Mara
  • Nakthaar – liberated, free fight
  • Naktupnat – liberated, free blade
  • Narhattash – wise oath, name of the third Gandi chief
  • Noharthan – blade hatred
  • Oghlak – name of the third Atuba chief
  • Pash – flame
  • Rakthaar – strong fight
  • Rakhattash – strong oath
  • Rommashthaar – fight day
  • Rorrth – name of the second Neruga chief
  • Thannak – free axe blade name of the second chief of the Atuba Taqnoharen
  • Taqko’ashan – the one who kills many with his hand
  • Taaskorr – name of a famous Hestui chief
  • Thaarkorkh – wolf-fighting; name of a famous leader of the Neruga people
  • Therkakk – non-surrenderer; name of a famous Urutu chief
  • Thorgk – name of the third Urutu chief
  • Thaarnar – wise, honorable fight
  • Vakakk – non-surrenderer
  • Wahda’akorr – far-seeing one
  • Wahda-nar wise eye, name of the first Gandi chief

Female orc names / girl orc names with their meaning

You can find numerous female orc names / girl orc names with their meanings in the list below. Use our orc name generator if you don’t see a proper girl orc name. It will generate many different girl orc names for you.

female orc names
  • Amatora – cat-mother, name of the third leader of the Neruga
  • Bhuga – Gluten, name of the third leader of the Duda Mara
  • Bhugthaara – battle gluten
  • Dahara – name of the first leader of the Hestui
  • Gaatha – name of the second leader of the Duda Mara
  • Gorghthana – honorable blades
  • Gorghama – mother – of) honor
  • Honnziskh – monster eye; totem of the Gandi
  • Karthialmakk – honor-bearer
  • Khorkmakk – she-wolf, name of the first leader of Atuba
  • Kreaina/Kreeina – ice ore
  • Kruschtaq – she who kills with her fist; name of the first leader of the Neruga
  • Thaarkasha – battle demon
  • Thaarmakk – honorable fighter
  • Taqevia/Taqvia – cunning death by hand
  • Tirzthaar – fighting sister
  • Tokhtora – cat of victory
  • Tokhvia – cunning victory, name of the third leader of the Hestui
  • Ulwai/ Ulwaimakk – spider; totem of the Duda-Mara

Orc Last Names / Surnames

Orcs do not usually have last names. But you can use nicknames for your orc’s first name as an addition. We have listed a few orc last names examples for you here.

  • Jur The Crooked
  • Bhag The Prime
  • Dhol Black Quelcher
  • Bhan Hate Axe
  • Nudzab Dream Pummel
  • Ghonakk The Simple
  • Rhoroll The Brutal
  • Lonag Joint Crusher
  • Zhabror The Volatile
  • Nongoll The Brute

Orc Tribe Names

Their society is not organized and consists of different orc tribes. Some live as nomads traveling with their herds, mainly pigs and sheep. As a result, those in this orc tribe especially eat these animals. Orc tribes usually live in caves, though they also create artificial tunnels. Some orcs specialize in digging for iron and coal, leading to more rare metals. The people change caves with the seasons, but some will stay put like shamans or tribe leaders. Here you can find some examples of orc tribe names:

  • Blood Skull
  • Horned Lord
  • Proudfist
  • Ear Seekers
  • Darkstar
  • Flaming Spike
  • Garuk One Ears
  • Green Moss
  • Heart Takers
  • Tornskulls

Orc Clan Names

An orc clan can contain all the families of a tribe if they claim commonality. Most clans are composed of different members of each caste, but they all occupy different positions. Castes reflect social status. The strongest castes in a clan thus say something about its character and traditions.

  • Gelkis
  • Kolkar
  • Byaoa
  • Asilopa
  • Magram
  • Crsdoad
  • Btwauk
  • Marauders
  • Stonetalon
  • Karuck
  • Bmaosoo
  • Yellowtusk
  • Auqidka

Popular Orc City Names / Orc Town Names

The orc cities are partly natural cave complexes, but most are passages and caves created or enlarged by the orcs. Since the entrances to the underground caves were created at convenient narrow points in the passes, the orcs could easily block the passes.

  • Gundabad – a dwarven city that became the strongest orc fortress in the north in the Third Age
  • Durthang – a fortress in Mordor built by humans from Gondor
  • Moria – a dwarven city, was inhabited by orcs for centuries.
  • Gramberg – an orc city in the Misty Mountains below the High Pass

Funny Orc Names

Do you want to stand out with your character and put a smile on the faces of your fellow players? Then these funny orc names are just right for your orc character.

  • God of Blood Hunters
  • Blood Slurps
  • Dirty Grenadier
  • Loose Character
  • Noobies Choosies
  • Electric Tank
  • Covert Destroyer
  • Dark Spirits
  • Sweet Kills
  • Tilted Stabbers
  • Predators Unleashed
  • Snipe the Hype
  • Lost Blood
  • Gods of Undead
  • Loser Hunters
  • All Kill
  • Bigshots of Game
  • Frantic Saboteur
  • Unwanted Bigshots
  • Walking Pegasus
  • Gun Lords

About Orcs

Orcs are uncivilized, uneducated, raw meat devouring fiends. Even if no one stirred you up, you should – even in the group – orcs as much as possible out of the way because they try to bring everything, but also everything that looks just somehow valuable, with brute force to themselves.

An orc is a fantasy creature that is often portrayed as ugly and brutish. They are often the enemies of humans in many fantasy settings. Orcs are usually green-skinned, with a large, broad nose, tusk-like teeth and large pointed ears.
In some settings, they are shown to be more human-like in appearance. They may have no special abilities beyond their natural strength.

The language of orcs – Orcish

The Orc language has a straightforward structure. Its grammatical principles can be learned effortlessly by anyone interested; the only difficulty is pronunciation. Thus, even if they disguise themselves beyond recognition, humans are usually recognized among orcs by their accent and must expect drastic consequences for life and limb.

The warlike orc culture knows neither the profession of the scribe nor that of the writers and consequently has produced neither historical documents nor literary works. Even the few orc scholars have never written down their knowledge. Accordingly, the orcish language, derived initially from Elfi, has been passed down only orally and, in this way, has been constantly simplified over the centuries. Thus, the idiom of the orcs knows neither declensions nor conjugations; different casus and tenses are only derived from the context.

FAQ about Orcs

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions and answers about orcs and orc names.

What is the Origin of Orcs in Fantasy Literature?

The origin of orcs in fantasy literature is an exciting topic.
Orcs are a race of fictional humanoid creatures who are often depicted as savage, destructive and bloodthirsty people. The word “orc” is an adaptation of the word “orcneas”, which means “demon“.

Orcs are portrayed as a race of beings in J.R.R Tolkien‘s legendarium and corrupted by the Dark Lord Morgoth. For centuries, they’ve been fighting against the elves, men and dwarves, and Morgoth bred the orcs from corrupted human souls to serve him in battle.

In other works such as Terry Brooks’ Shannara series, orcs are depicted as a human-like race with no connection to demons or evil being created by the magic used by their leader,

How Do Orcs Differ from Other Fantasy Creatures?

Orcs are a type of creature that has been around since the early days of fantasy. Often they are seen as evil creatures. The truth is that they have a culture, their form of language, and even their religion, which differs from other fantasy creatures.
Orcs are very different from other fantasy creatures, such as elves. They have a much more muscular build, and their skin is green or brown. Orcs also have tusks protruding from their lower jaw, taller than elves.

What Makes a Good Orc Character?

One way is to make them more human-like and experience emotions like sadness or love. Another way is to portray orcs as animals with human intelligence who have their own culture and society.
To write a good orc character, you need to know the basics of their culture. This includes what they eat, how they dress, and their social hierarchy.

The following are some traits that make for a good orc character:
– They are usually tall and muscular.
– They have a strong sense of honour and loyalty.
– They are often seen fighting with swords or axes.
– Orc society is based on clans and family groups called “clans” or “warbands.”

Also, your orc needs a meaningful name. We recommend our orc name generator, which generates both male and female orc names.