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There are so many amazing pirate ship names out there that it's hard to choose just one! But with the help of our handy pirate ship name generator, you'll be sailing the seven seas in no time!"

Pirate Ship Name Generator

This pirate ship name generator is the best way to find cool and unique names for your new pirate ship! Whether you’re looking for a name for a fantasy pirate ship or a cool pirate ship name for your real-life vessel, this generator has you covered. Simply click the generate button and our generator will do the rest, creating hundreds of pirate ship names for you to choose from. So what are you waiting for? Give our generator a try and sail off into the sunset with a new, badass pirate ship name!

Do you want to be the captain of a mighty pirate ship? Do you want to sail the seven seas and plunder all the treasure you can find? Then you’re going to need a good ship name!

There are a lot of things to consider when choosing a name for your pirate ship. You want something that will strike fear into the hearts of your enemies, but you also want something that reflects the personality of your crew. And of course, you want something that sounds really cool.

Luckily, we’ve got you covered. We’ve compiled a list of some of the best pirate ship names, as well as a handy pirate ship name generator to help you find the perfect fit for your vessel. So set sail and start pillaging! Your new ship awaits.

Pirate Ship Names

When it comes to naming your pirate ship, the sky is the limit. Whether you want to go with something foreboding, like the “Queen Anne’s Revenge,” or something more whimsical, like the “S.S. Minnow,” the most important thing is that you pick a name that suits your ship and your crew.

Here are a few tips to help you get started:

1. Think about the type of ship you have. Is it a sleek and speedy sloop? A massive galleon? Something in between?

2. Consider your ship’s personality. Is she a fiery pirate ship, or a more laid-back transport vessel?

3. Take into account your crew’s personality. Do they prefer to be feared or respected?

4. Brainstorm a list of potential names. Once you have a good selection, start narrowing it down by eliminating the ones that don’t quite fit.

5. When you’ve settled on a few favorites, run them by your crew and see which one they like best.

6. And finally, don’t forget to add the “S.S.” (or “S.V.” for “ship of the line”) before your ship’s name. All good pirate ships need a proper moniker!

pirate ship names
  • The Lust Of The Hades
  • The Mad Sea Rovers
  • The Hades James
  • The Mad Trinity
  • The Mangy Howl
  • The Cry Of The Murderer
  • The Horrid Scream
  • The Gold Return
  • The Greed Of The Seven Seas
  • The Night
  • The Corrupted Abandoned
  • The Hellish Deceit
  • The Sea Manta
  • The Disgraceful Wolf
  • The Murderers Sea
  • The Scream
  • The Drunken Tortuga
  • The Fall Of Death
  • The Blind Gold
  • The Vicious Killer
  • The Seas Damnation
  • The Homicidal Ghost
  • The Captain
  • The Fortune Grail
  • The Pillaging Scorn
  • The Vile Atlantis
  • The Greed Of The Sun
  • The Dragons Killer
  • The Bloodthirsty Damned
  • The Hellish Slave

Famous Pirate Ship Names

There’s something special about a pirate ship. It’s not just the guns, or the cannons, or the black flag with the skull and crossbones. It’s the name. A good pirate ship name is intimidating, evocative, and just a little bit dangerous. Here are some of the most famous pirate ship names in history.

The Queen Anne’s Revenge: Blackbeard’s ship was one of the most feared pirate ships of the early 18th century. It was originally a French slave ship, but Blackbeard captured it and turned it into a pirate ship. It was burned by the British in 1718, but the legend lives on.

The Whydah Gally: The Whydah was a real pirate ship, captured by “Black Sam” Bellamy in 1717. It was one of the largest pirate ships ever built, and it was packed with loot when it sank off the coast of Cape Cod in 1717.

The Sea Hound: This was the ship of Bartholomew Roberts, one of the most successful pirates of the early 18th century. He captured over 400 ships in his career, and the Sea Hound was his flagship. It was captured by the British in 1722.

The Royal James: This was the ship of Edward Teach, better known as Blackbeard. It was a powerful ship, and Blackbeard used it to great effect, terrorizing the coasts of the Atlantic and Caribbean. It was destroyed by the British in 1718.

The Adventure Galley: This was the ship of Henry Every, one of the most successful pirates of the early 18th century. He famously captured the treasure ship the Ganj-i-sawai, and he retired from piracy after selling the ship and its contents.

The Fancy: This was the ship of Charles Vane, one of the most notorious pirates of the early 18th century. He was a ruthless pirate, and his ship was known for its speed and maneuverability. It was captured by the British in 1720.

famous pirate ship names

Cool Pirate Ship Names

If you’re looking for some inspiration for naming your own pirate ship, here are some cool examples to get you started. Whatever you name your pirate ship, make sure it’s something fierce and intimidating that will strike fear into the hearts of your enemies!

cool pirate ship names
  • The Elusive Rambler
  • The Gold Return
  • The Pirates Marauders
  • The Pride Of The Saber
  • The Plundering Deceit
  • The Bloody Night
  • The Dirty Plunderer
  • The Buccaneers Delight
  • The Liberty Marauders
  • The Rising Murderer
  • The Golden Plunder
  • The Rising Grail
  • The Sanguine Curse
  • The Happy Swashbucklers
  • The Revenge Storm
  • The Revenge Captain
  • The Cry Atlantis
  • The Curse Of The Killers
  • The Blind Seven Seas
  • The Snap King
  • The Liberty Storm
  • The Vicious North
  • The Cacophonous Insanity
  • The Nights Swashbucklers
  • The Howling Shark
  • The Sanguine Raider
  • The Pride Of The Plague
  • The Golden Fall
  • The Vicious Secret
  • The Howling Abandoned

Finding the perfect name for your pirate ship has never been easier! Just use our pirate ship name generator and you’ll be ready to set sail in no time!

Pirate Boat Names

Who doesn’t love pirates? The romance of the open sea, the thrill of adventure, and the camaraderie of a tight-knit crew… it’s no wonder that pirate stories have captivated imaginations for centuries. And what’s a pirate ship without a good, fearsome name? Here are 10 of the most creative, intimidating, and just plain fun pirate ship names out there.

If you’re looking for some pirate boat inspo, you’ve come to the right place! Here are some of the most popular pirate ship names:

pirate boat names
  • The Rising Corruption
  • The Plunderer
  • The Sudden Pirate
  • The Happy Tide
  • The Fearful Grail Of Scorn
  • The Disgraceful Abandoned
  • The Poisonous Hangman
  • The Drunken Secret
  • The Pride Of The Deceit
  • The Insanity
  • The New Pirate
  • The Mad Trinity
  • The Disgrace Of The Princess
  • The Damnation Of The Buccaneers
  • The Mad Damnation
  • The Disgraced Marauders
  • The Disgraced Delivery
  • The Plundering Murderers
  • The Howling Ghost
  • The Drunken King
  • The Pillaging Killers
  • The Mayflower Tide
  • The Mangy Slave
  • The Speedy Pillager
  • The Mermaid’s Sea Rovers
  • The Neptune’s Hades
  • The Grand North
  • The Vile Killer
  • The Grief Of The Tainted
  • The Grief Of The Secret

Ye be worryin’ too much, landlubber! If ye don’t like the names we’ve given ye above, our pirate ship name generator will help ye find the perfect name.

Funny Pirate Ship Names

Arrr! It be time to set sail on the high seas! But first, ye need a mighty ship to conquer the waves! So set sail with one of these piracy-themed ship names and be sure to have a grog-tastic time on the high seas! And what better way to name yer ship than with a funny, pirate-themed name? Here be some of our favorites:

funny pirate ship names
  • The Fiery Beard
  • The Soggy Bottom
  • The Fortunate Fool
  • Bahama Mama
  • Devils’ Doom
  • Monkee Butt
  • The Bloody Shame
  • The Evil Strumpet
  • The Salty Bastard

Good Pirate Ship Names

Some people believe that the best pirate ship names are those that are simple and to the point, while others believe that the best pirate ship names are those that are creative and descriptive. Here are a few of the most popular pirate ship names to help you decide which is best for you and your ship.

good pirate ship names
  • The Damned Revenge
  • The Grand Manta
  • The Revenge Storm
  • The Madness Of The Murderer
  • The Poseidon’s Deceit
  • The Grief Of The Abandoned
  • The Blind Seven Seas
  • The Dragons Servant
  • The Howling Serpent
  • The Pirates Rambler
  • The Vicious Atlantis
  • The Homicidal Galley
  • The Snap Marauders
  • The Neptune’s Doubloon
  • The Last Damned
  • The Impolite Jewel
  • The Drunken Sun
  • The Evil Delivery
  • The Rising Grail
  • The Howling Doom
  • The Murderous Sea
  • The Howl Of The Knave
  • The Grand Damned
  • The Disgraceful Trinity
  • The Damnation Of The Trinity
  • The Cacophonous Saber
  • The Hades Pearl
  • The Howling Eel
  • The Raider
  • The Happy Corsair

Argh, matey! Don’t like our good pirate ship names? No problem! Our pirate ship name generator will help you find the perfect name. With just a few clicks, you’ll be on your way to finding a moniker.

Pirate Ship Name Ideas

Ahoy, landlubbers! In search of pirate ship name ideas? It’s time to get your pirate ship ready for action! But what should you name it? Here are some ideas to get you started. whatever you decide, make sure your ship’s name is fearsome and inspires terror in your enemies!

pirate ship name ideas
  • The Pirates Murderers
  • The Fearful Grail Of Delivery
  • The Davy Jones Gold
  • The Broken Swashbucklers
  • The Angry Minnow
  • The Plundering Servants
  • The Neptune’s Eel
  • The Good Captain
  • The Poisonous Hangman
  • The Fearful Executioners
  • The Greedy Dragon
  • The Disgraceful Abandoned
  • The New Pirate
  • The Mad Plunderer
  • The Loyal Executioners
  • The Dragons Deceit
  • The White Abandoned
  • The Revenge Princess
  • The White Fall
  • The Evil Swashbucklers
  • The Cruel Delivery
  • The Fall
  • The Last Privateer
  • The Seas Trinity
  • The Madness Of The Privateer
  • The Speedy Hades
  • The Sudden Marauders
  • The Curse Of The Saber
  • The Nights Swashbucklers
  • The Little Sea Rovers

Arrr, matey! Do ye like any of the pirate ship name ideas from our list? If not, try out pirate ship name generator to find the perfect name for ye or yer character.

Best Pirate Ship Names

When it comes to pirate ship names, there are a few things you should keep in mind. First and foremost, a good pirate ship name should be intimidating. It should make your enemies quiver in their boots and make them think twice before challenging you to a battle. Secondly, a good pirate ship name should be unique. There’s nothing worse than having a boring, generic name like “The Black Pearl” or “The Queen Anne’s Revenge.”

Finally, a good pirate ship name should be memorable. After all, you want your crewmates to be able to remember your ship’s name when they’re telling stories about your pirate adventures.With that in mind, here are a few of the best pirate ship names out there:

best pirate ship names
  • The Dragons Sea
  • The Bloody Seven Seas
  • The Murderous Executioner
  • The Death Of Scream
  • The Discourteous Swashbucklers
  • The Night Seven Seas
  • The Snap Buccaneers
  • The Disrespectful Trinity
  • The Fortune Murderers
  • The Gold Servant
  • The Liberty Tide
  • The Most Corsair
  • The Grief Of The Damnation
  • The Red Minnow
  • The Disgraced Night
  • The Happy Trinity
  • The Revenge Plunderer
  • The Grand Damned
  • The Anger Of The Pearl
  • The Snap Delight
  • The Greed Of The Storm
  • The Greedy Seven Seas
  • The Rising Seas
  • The Pride Of The Storm
  • The New Caribbean
  • The Howling Serpent
  • The Lust Of The Caribbean
  • The Hellish Buccaneers
  • The Privateers Rambler
  • The Victory Swashbucklers

Arrr, don’t worry if ye be not pleased with the best pirate ship names that have been suggested to ye! Our pirate ship name generator will help ye find the perfect name.

Frequently Asked Questions about Pirate Ship

You’ve always wanted to know about pirate ships, and below you will find the answers to the most commonly asked questions! Learn all about how these magnificent vessels are built, manned, and operated. Find out how to get your very own pirate ship, and start sailing the seven seas!

What is the most famous pirate ship?

The most famous pirate ship is undoubtedly the Queen Anne’s Revenge. This vessel was formerly a British warship before it was captured by the notorious pirate Blackbeard. He renamed the ship and used it to terrorize the seas for several years. Today, the Queen Anne’s Revenge is a popular tourist attraction in North Carolina.

What is the history of pirate ships?

The first recorded instances of piracy were in the 14th century BC, when the Sea Peoples, a group of ocean raiders, attacked the ships of the Aegean and Mediterranean civilizations. They forced their way into ports and looted towns. The most famous pirates in history are the buccaneers of the Caribbean, who plundered ships carrying gold, silver, and other valuable cargo. They were a fearsome lot, and their exploits were often romanticized in popular culture. Piracy has existed in one form or another throughout history, but it reached its peak in the 16th and 17th centuries. During this “Golden Age of Piracy,” many well-known pirates prowled the seas, including Blackbeard, Anne Bonny, and Bartholomew Roberts. The Golden Age of Piracy ended in the early 18th century, when most of the pirate strongholds were destroyed or abandoned. Today, piracy still exists in some parts of the world, but it is not as prevalent as it once was.

How many pirates are on a ship?

If you’re looking for an accurate number, I’m afraid you’ll be disappointed. The number of pirates on a ship depends on a number of factors, including the size of the ship and the availability of plunder. However, some estimates put the average number of pirates on a ship at around 20. So, if you’re looking for a rough estimate, you could say that there are probably 20 pirates on a ship.

What is a pirate ship’s flag called?

The flag of a pirate ship is called a “Jolly Roger.” The flag is usually black with a white skull and crossbones.

What is a pirate ship’s steering wheel called?

The steering wheel of a pirate ship is typically called the helm. The helm is the most important part of the ship, as it is used to steer the ship in the right direction. without the helm, the ship would be lost at sea!

What is the name of the largest pirate ship ever built?

The largest pirate ship ever built was the Queen Anne’s Revenge. It was a powerful warship that was used by the English pirate Blackbeard. The ship was built in 1710 and it was Blackbeard’s flagship. The ship was captured by the Royal Navy in 1718 and it was sunk in 1720.

What is a pirate ship’s bathroom called?

A pirate ship’s bathroom is called the “head.”