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There are a lot of raven names out there, but if you're looking for something unique, you should try a raven name generator. With this tool, you can create a name that's truly one of a kind."

Raven Name Generator

The raven has always been considered a very powerful and mystical creature. In many cultures, the raven is associated with death and doom, but in others it is seen as a messenger of good news. The raven name generator can help you find the perfect name for your raven that reflects its personality and your own personal preferences. Simply enter some basic information about your raven and the raven name generator will generate a list of possible names for your new companion.

If you’re looking for raven names, you’ve come to the right place! Ravens have been associated with mystery and magic for centuries, and their names reflect that. Whether you’re looking for a name for your raven companion or you’re just curious about these fascinating birds, you’ll find plenty of inspiration here.

The raven is a bird of legend and lore. These sleek, black birds have been associated with darkness and death in many cultures, but they also have a more benevolent side. In Norse mythology, for example, the ravens Huginn and Muninn served as the eyes and ears of the god Odin.

Whether you’re looking for a name that means “raven” or you just want a name that sounds dark and mysterious, you’ll find plenty of options on this list. And if you can’t decide on a name, you can always use our raven name generator to find the perfect fit.

Raven Names

There are many different names for ravens, depending on their region and culture. In North America, they are commonly referred to as the Common Raven or the American Raven. In Europe, they are called the Northern Raven. In Asia, they are known as the Himalayan Raven. And in Australia, they are called the Little Raven. No matter what they are called, ravens are one of the most intelligent and fascinating birds in the world.

raven names
  • Eiðin (Eiðr – Oath)
  • Ójafnaðr (Injustice)
  • Vísindi (Intelligence)
  • Fjǫði (Fjǫðr – Wing)
  • Skálpr (Scabbard)
  • Bogi (Bow)
  • Ör (Arrow)
  • Geisl (Light Beam)
  • Háski (Danger)
  • Ágæti (Celebration)
  • Kvistr (Twig)
  • Sókn (Fight)
  • Fretr (Fart)
  • Íss (Ice)
  • Auðin (Auðr – Treasure)
  • Flakka (Roam)
  • Harmr (Grief)
  • Hauss (Skull)
  • Kol (Coal)
  • Glymja (Roar)
  • Und (Undr – Marvel)
  • Ǫflugin (Ǫflugr – Strong)
  • Hvílð (Rest)
  • Awnd (Envy)
  • Sumar (Summer)
  • Korn (Corn)
  • Feld (Feldr – Cloak)
  • Horskr (Sensible)
  • Efla (Support)
  • Hlæja (Laugh)

Names That Mean Raven

There are many names that mean raven, which is a popular bird. The name Raven is of English origin and means “blackbird.” Other names that mean raven include Aderyn, which is Welsh for “bird,” and Bran, which is Irish for “raven.” There are many other names that have raven in their meaning, such as the Scottish name Craven, which means “raven-like,” and the Anglo-Saxon name Hrafen, which means “raven.”

names that mean raven
  • Metnaði (Metnaðr – Glory)
  • Vill (Villr – Wild)
  • Feldr (Cloak)
  • Harmr (Grief)
  • Nál (Needle)
  • Nið (Hostility)
  • Frosti (Frosty)
  • Skikkja (Cloak)
  • Haldorðr (True Of Word)
  • Glita (Glitter)
  • Röskr (Sturdy)
  • Reykr (Smoke)
  • Kviðin (Kviðr – Belly)
  • Rík (Ríkr – Powerful)
  • Hlæja (Laugh)
  • Rösk (Röskr – Sturdy)
  • Sumar (Summer)
  • Tauf (Taufr – Talisman)
  • Málm (Málmr – Metal)
  • Skjótr (Swift)
  • Brodd (Broddr – Spear Point)
  • Hyrr (Fire)
  • Kviðr (Belly)
  • Ljót (Ljótr – Ugly)
  • Efla (Support)
  • Óvættr (Monster)
  • Spjót (Lance)
  • Akkeri (Anchor)
  • Skjót (Skjótr – Swift)
  • Seiði (Seiðr – Enchantment)

Nicknames For Raven

There are many nicknames for ravens, including “dark bird,” “crow,” “black bird,” and “night bird.” Ravens are known for their dark plumage and their association with darkness and death. However, they are also intelligent and playful birds, and many people find them to be fascinating creatures.

nicknames for raven
  • Fjǫðr (Wing)
  • Ásjá (Protection)
  • Hjarn (Hard Snow)
  • Broddr (Spear Point)
  • Haldorði (Haldorðr – True Of Word)
  • Elding (Dawn)
  • Vill (Villr – Wild)
  • Guðr (Battle)
  • Vindr (Wind)
  • Heill (Good Omen)
  • Knǫtt (Knǫttr – Sphere)
  • Fiþla (Fiddle)
  • Arfr (Inheritance)
  • Erfiðin (Erfiðr – Trouble)
  • Þrek (Fortitude)
  • Haldorðin (Haldorðr – True Of Word)
  • Flótti (Flight)
  • Rœða (Conversation)
  • Ljót (Ljótr – Ugly)
  • Lukkja (Loop)
  • Hernaðin (Hernaðr – Raid)
  • Skóð (Weapon)
  • Hilly (Allegiance)
  • Fróðin (Fróðr – Clever)
  • Þoka (Fog)
  • Sól (Sun)
  • Vind (Vindr – Wind)
  • Kníf (Knífr – Knife)
  • Óþýði (Óþýðr – Unfriendly)
  • Skegg (Beard)

Cool Raven Names

There are so many cool raven names to choose from! Whether you’re looking for something unique, edgy, or just plain cool, you’re sure to find the perfect name for your raven companion right here.

Some of our favorite cool raven names include:

cool raven names
  • Ármaðr (Steward)
  • Fjǫðr (Wing)
  • Rœða (Conversation)
  • Ást (Affection)
  • Þǫgn (Silence)
  • Guðr (Battle)
  • Skam (Shame)
  • Gráði (Gráðr – Hunger)
  • Ójafnaði (Ójafnaðr – Injustice)
  • Ótti (Dread)
  • Gipta (Good Luck)
  • Hernaðin (Hernaðr – Raid)
  • Áræði (Courage)
  • Gráðr (Hunger)
  • Nið (Hostility)
  • Banamaðin (Banamaðr – Executioner)
  • Sól (Sun)
  • Þrá (Persistence)
  • Blóð (Blood)
  • Hernaði (Hernaðr – Raid)
  • Auðr (Treasure)
  • Staþgi (Agreement)
  • Fretr (Fart)
  • Bifask (Quake)
  • Ójafnaðin (Ójafnaðr – Injustice)
  • Grautr (Porridge)
  • Skálpr (Scabbard)
  • Þrek (Fortitude)
  • Dóm (Dómr – Fame)
  • Skjöldr (Shield)

Frequently Asked Questions about Raven

We’ve collected some frequently asked questions about ravens and if you are looking for answers, they are highlighted below. We hope you find what you’re looking for!

What is the scientific name for a raven?

The scientific name for a raven is Corvus corax.

What do ravens eat?

Ravens are known to be very opportunistic eaters and will consume a wide variety of foods. The majority of their diet consists of small mammals, such as rodents and rabbits, but they will also eat insects, reptiles, birds, and carrion. Ravens have even been known to eat human food and garbage.

How long do ravens live?

The average lifespan of a raven is 10-15 years. Some ravens have been known to live up to 20 years in captivity. Ravens in the wild typically live shorter lives due to predation and disease.

What is the largest raven species?

The largest raven species is the Common Raven. It is a member of the crow family and is found in North America. The Common Raven is the largest of the true ravens, with a body length of 24 inches and a wingspan of up to 60 inches.

What is the natural habitat of a raven?

The raven is a bird that is found in many different parts of the world. In North America, they are most commonly found in the forests of the Pacific Northwest. They can also be found in the mountains of the western United States, as well as in the deserts of the southwest. Ravens are also found in Europe, Asia, and Africa.

Are ravens intelligent?

Yes, ravens are incredibly intelligent creatures. They have been known to solve complex problems and even use tools to help them with tasks. Ravens are also very good at mimicking sounds, which shows their advanced level of communication skills.