Witch Names & Witch Name Generator

There are a lot of witch names out there, and it can be hard to decide what to name your new witch character. Luckily, there is a witch name generator to help you out!"

Witch Name Generator

Looking to add some magic to your life? A witch name generator can help! Whether you’re looking for a good witch name, a scary witch name, or just a fun witchy name, this generator has you covered.

The witch name generator generates names fit for good witches, scary witches, and everything in between. If you’re looking for a medieval witch name, this generator has got you covered. And if you’re just looking for a fun, witchy name, the generator can help with that, too!

A witch is a woman in magic, and a name is the most basic part of magic. A witch name is not just a name—it is the very core of a witch’s identity. A witch name generator can help you find the perfect name for your witchy character. Whether you’re looking for a cool witch name, a scary witch name, or a cute witch name, the witch name generator will have something for you. And if you’re looking for a witchy last name, the witch name generator can help with that, too.

Female Witch Names

There are many different female witch names to choose from! Whether you are looking for a name for your Halloween costume or for a new character in a story, these witchy names are sure to add some spice.

Some popular female witch names include:

female witch names
  • Serena Wood
  • Ulva Barkridge
  • Zoey Ebonywood
  • Harmony Whitmore
  • Belladonna La Croix
  • Gretel Willow
  • Aurora Gnash
  • Haley Riddle
  • Evelyn Snow
  • Ferula Mallor
  • Roberta Vexx
  • April Grove
  • Evelyn Keeling
  • Lilly Stocker
  • Paris Interfector
  • Guinevere Hook
  • Eve Caligari
  • Gloria Digby
  • Topaz Youngblood
  • Belladonna Heliot
  • Adonia Vixen
  • Fleur Devonshire
  • Antha Payne
  • Cyrene Whisper
  • Lucille Heliot
  • Tyler Wright
  • Sybil Jinx
  • Alexandra Wolf
  • Maple Monroe
  • Hilda Borges

Male Witch Names

When it comes to male witch names, there are many options to choose from. Whether you are looking for a traditional name or something more modern, there is sure to be a perfect fit for you. Some popular male witch names include:

male witch names
  • Mortimer Snow
  • Zelig Diablos
  • Leif Strain
  • Vivian Vixen
  • David Crow
  • Troy Addington
  • Damek Tombend
  • Derek Mock
  • Anan Manglyeong
  • Luke Diablos
  • Lazar Payne
  • Wolfe Villalobos
  • Mortimer Skinner
  • Caton Roseberg
  • Conan Void
  • Lucian Addington
  • Chilton Dupree
  • Gaian Interfector
  • Earthan Delarosa
  • Jorah Cromwell
  • Anan Church
  • Brady Argent
  • Lars Carpathia
  • Athan Diamond
  • Laris Magnus
  • Erik Vixen
  • Pilan Wraith
  • Elfed Chainsaw
  • Killian Scarletwound
  • Elfed Stone

Witch Last Names

There are many different ways to choose a last name for a witch. Some witches choose a name that is based on their family history or the area they come from. Others choose a name that is more unique and represents their personality. Regardless of how you choose your last name, it is important to remember that it is a part of your identity as a witch.

Some popular witch last names include:

witch last names
  • Agnes Killoran
  • Tia Argent
  • Claudia Shadowsoul
  • Anise Highmore
  • Marigold Christian
  • Dalila Interfector
  • Bridget Razor
  • Chandra Youngblood
  • Nina Mock
  • Maria Rathmore
  • Selene Grail
  • Annika Manglyeong
  • Fabula Labyrinth
  • Anna Heliot
  • Luciana Lobo
  • Corydon Christanti
  • Mave Wolf
  • Dorothy Murik
  • Guinevere Quinn
  • Anemone Keeling
  • Ginevra Chalice
  • Bryony Maganti
  • Sabrine Vexx
  • Dorothy Moonfall
  • Rose Church
  • Sakura Jones
  • Fern Redwood
  • Rosina Crane
  • Belladonna Heliot
  • Celestia Dred

Evil Witch Names

There are many different types of evil witch names, depending on the culture and time period. Some popular evil witch names include:

The Wicked Witch of the West from The Wizard of Oz

The Evil Queen from Snow White

Maleficent from Sleeping Beauty

These are just a few examples of the many evil witch names that are out there. If you’re looking for an evil witch name for your Halloween costume or for a character in a story, there are plenty of options to choose from!

evil witch names
  • Cade Woods
  • Amaryllis Panther
  • Serena Talbot
  • Lydia Labyrinth
  • Marc Rex
  • Amalia Morgan
  • Selena Wood
  • Opal Jinx
  • Orion Bloodgood
  • Mortimer Jinx
  • Cordelia Diablos
  • Kestrel Morelli
  • Elfed Dupree
  • Aspen Shadowmend
  • Saul Knotley
  • Magnus Christian
  • Lillian Wraith
  • Rune Sharpe
  • Wolfe Knotley
  • Freeman Tempest
  • Delano Hart
  • Lazar Payne
  • Bram Bloodgood
  • Pauline Marth
  • Chilton Raven
  • Xenos Mock
  • Cloris Naxxremis
  • Balder Rathmore
  • Gillian Talbot
  • Marilla Highmore

Sorceress Names

When it comes to naming a sorceress, there are no hard and fast rules. However, there are a few things to keep in mind that will help you choose a name that is both powerful and fitting.

First, consider the connotations of the name you choose. A name with dark or evil connotations will not be appropriate for a sorceress who uses her powers for good. Likewise, a name that is too light or airy may not be befitting for a sorceress with a more serious or dangerous demeanor.

Second, think about the sound of the name. A name that is harsh and guttural may be fitting for a sorceress who is fierce and intimidating. Conversely, a name that is soft and musical may be more appropriate for a sorceress who is kind and gentle.

Finally, consider the meaning of the name. A name with a strong meaning can be empowering for a sorceress, while a name with a more whimsical meaning may be more fitting for a sorceress who is mischievous or playful.

No matter what name you choose, remember that it should be a reflection of who you are as a sorceress. Choose a name that makes you feel powerful and confident, and that you will be proud to wear as you embark on your magical journey.

sorceress names
  • Elenwen Carpathia
  • Morgaine Thornheart
  • Celestia Dred
  • Aurelia Shelley
  • Ferula Shadowmend
  • Maescia Diablo
  • Serafina Blackman
  • Piper Zayne
  • Victoria Vossen
  • Aenwyn Barclay
  • Electra Diablo
  • Kerrigan Depraysie
  • Oceana Raven
  • Yasmin Trevil
  • Rowan Tombend
  • Lilura Breedlove
  • Melusina Blackwood
  • Hyacinth Everbleed
  • Queen Interfector
  • Angelica Stone
  • Tarja Nox
  • Maescia Christanti
  • Maria Maleficum
  • Tara Tombend
  • Abigail Shade
  • Isobel Diablo
  • Echo Kobe
  • Maria Rathmore
  • Dalila Lobo
  • Alexa Killoran

Cool Witch Names

There are so many cool witch names to choose from! Whether you’re looking for a name for your Halloween costume or for a new character in your favorite book, you’re sure to find the perfect one here.

Some of our favorite cool witch names include:

cool witch names
  • Tatiana Jinx
  • Skye Vonner
  • Cloris Vigil
  • Hyacinth Norwood
  • Isobel Diablo
  • Eva Vandran
  • Belinda Barlow
  • Albertine Maleficum
  • Vivian Pickerin
  • Rosina Shade
  • Anastasia Wyrm
  • Morgan Sharpe
  • Fortuna Queen
  • Cassandra Fadington
  • Tiara Darkmore
  • Lilith Ripper
  • Willow Shadowmend
  • Safe Pickerin
  • Alicia Le Blank
  • Alicia Latimer
  • Celeste Wright
  • Euphenia Sangrey
  • Alana Norwood
  • Amelie Lobo
  • Silver Cross
  • Daire Dupree
  • Amalia Delacroix
  • Morgana Labyrinth
  • Lillian Wraith
  • Devi Duke

Good Witch Names

If you’re looking for a good witch name, there are many options to choose from. These are just a few of the many options available to you. When choosing a witch name, it’s important to pick one that feels right for you. After all, your witch name is going to be with you for a long time!

good witch names
  • Farina Shadowend
  • Aqua Wood
  • Odessa Orlando
  • Sasha Serphent
  • Storm Barclay
  • Ursa Sanguine
  • Azura Youngblood
  • Oceana Snow
  • Nimue Keeling
  • Antha Crimson
  • Hettie Jones
  • Faba Mock
  • Gretel Shelley
  • Destiny Grove
  • Dahlia Thornheart
  • Leona Wyrm
  • Berthina Quinn
  • Fleur Devonshire
  • Bridget Razor
  • Carlyn Deamonne
  • Brigid Lobo
  • Ira Wright
  • Orchid Natas
  • Azalea Diamond
  • Aurelia Aimes
  • Cadence Argent
  • Amalia Gnash
  • Gretel Willow
  • Elenwen Ebonywood
  • Rowena Drach

Cute Witch Names

What are some cute witch names? Witch names can be cute, spooky, or anything in between. If you’re looking for some inspiration, here are a few ideas to get you started. These are just a few of the many possibilities out there. Have fun exploring and finding the perfect name for your witchy persona.

cute witch names
  • Agnes Shadowend
  • Morrigan Barlow
  • Aspen Vigil
  • Arabelle Diablos
  • Augusta Knotley
  • Jasmine Vexx
  • Aretha Wright
  • Glinda Murik
  • Amalia Marth
  • Bridget Roseberg
  • Brielle Digby
  • Adele Sharpe
  • Haley Riddle
  • Serafina Shackleton
  • Lillian Wraith
  • Catarina Wraith
  • Safe Pickerin
  • Farina Interfector
  • Asha Manglyeong
  • Ametrine Sharpe
  • Olga Le Rouge
  • Catarina Chalice
  • Eve Delacroix
  • Maude Ash
  • Esmeralda Cromwell
  • Feriae Wraith
  • Faba Mock
  • Rowan Barkridge
  • Sapphire Creighton
  • Maya Craft

Wicked Witch Names

Are you looking for a wicked witch name for your next Halloween costume? Whether you’re going for a traditional witch costume or something more unique, we’ve got you covered. Here are some of our favorite wicked witch names to get you inspired:

wicked witch names
  • Aspen Magnus
  • Selena Devonshire
  • Celeste Mallor
  • Vivian Duke
  • Fidelis Grimsbane
  • Anemone Hallewell
  • Ursa Diablos
  • Pepper Argent
  • Callista Grimsbane
  • Sabrine Drach
  • Eartha Stone
  • Meadow Stone
  • Evie Duke
  • Gretel Willow
  • Zaleria Graves
  • Juniper De Vil
  • Medeia Trevil
  • Arabelle Barclay
  • Pearl De Vil
  • Norae Digby
  • Mabel Moonfall
  • Ophelia Hallewell
  • Zaleria Payne
  • Selena Whitmore
  • Maple Interfector
  • Medea Wright
  • Salina Von Stein
  • Leona Magnus
  • Agnes Shadowend
  • Arabelle Delarosa

Old Witch Names

There are many old witch names that have been passed down through the ages. Some of these names are very well known, while others are not so well known. However, all of these names have a certain power and mystique about them.

Some of the more well known old witch names include:

old witch names
  • Agnes Killoran
  • Abigail Knotley
  • Annette Chalice
  • Saffron Periculum
  • Elsa Hallewell
  • Laura Barkridge
  • Orchid Fang
  • Abigail Pickerin
  • Cedonia Devonshire
  • Lavina White
  • Lilura Trevil
  • Asha Manglyeong
  • Luciana Cross
  • Wendy Onyx
  • Ferula Mallor
  • Malise Grim
  • Alani Fang
  • Sabrine Argent
  • Maescia Christanti
  • Tia Darkmore
  • Lillian Blankley
  • Chantal Rathmore
  • Helen Sephiran
  • Callista Le Blank
  • Eowyn Kane
  • Peony Cloven
  • Lilura Borges
  • Aria Sephiran
  • Hyacinth Ripper
  • Fabularis Diablos

Scary Witch Names

There’s nothing quite like coming up with the perfect, scary witch name. Whether you’re looking to create a Halloween costume or just want to have some fun, these names will definitely put a spell on you.

Some of our favorites include:

scary witch names
  • Estelle Killian
  • Josephine Addington
  • Cloris Naxxremis
  • Paris Umbra
  • Victoria Drach
  • Opal Knotley
  • Fawn Shadowend
  • Auria Naxxremis
  • Azula Everbleed
  • Lavander Periculum
  • Daisy Norwood
  • October Grail
  • Lilura Von Stein
  • Bellatrix Quinn
  • Tara Wolfmoon
  • Armina Naxxremis
  • Ravynne Stone
  • Athena Shadowend
  • Violet Vossen
  • Isador Drabek
  • Cyrene Brevil
  • Ruby Morgan
  • Selena Devonshire
  • Cassandra Christanti
  • Mabel Moonfall
  • Lavinia Trevils
  • Oceana Snow
  • Ophelia Grim
  • Anastasia Vossen
  • Maescia Diamond

Powerful Witches Names

There are many powerful witches throughout history who have been known by many names. Some of the most famous include Morgan le Fay, Circe, and the Witch of Endor. These women were said to have magical powers that could control the elements, summon spirits, and cast spells. While their powers may have been feared by some, they were also respected by many. Today, there are still many women who practice witchcraft and use their powers to help others. Whether you call them witches, sorceresses, or simply magical women, they continue to fascinate and inspire us.

powerful witches names
  • Clover Winter
  • Lilura Von Stein
  • Lillith Labyrinth
  • Pauline Skinner
  • Niobe Marth
  • Frances Shadowmend
  • Mabel Craft
  • Nissa Chalice
  • Albertine Evilian
  • Callista Grimsbane
  • Iris Hart
  • Destiny Grove
  • Leona Depraysie
  • Dominique Malum
  • Adeline Le Rouge
  • Ebony Moonfall
  • Kira Redwood
  • Aurelia Payne
  • Adisa Blankley
  • Ferula Shadowmend
  • Anise Sharpe
  • Lucia Calarook
  • Glory Crimson
  • Anna Rathmore
  • Cassia Le Torneau
  • Hyacinth Creighton
  • Xena Queen
  • Cruella Onyx
  • Alicia De Vil
  • Adeline Void

Dark Witch Names

The following is a list of dark witch names for your consideration. If you are looking to name your dark witch character, these names will be perfect for you. Choose a name that best suits your dark witch character and enjoy!

dark witch names
  • Oceana Raven
  • Vivian Deamonne
  • Dalila Delarosa
  • Lavinia Craft
  • Kira Rathmore
  • Mardella Depraysie
  • Alfhild Woods
  • Nissa Christian
  • Azami Whitmore
  • Vest Discord
  • Silver Kane
  • Rowena Discord
  • Myrtle Storm
  • Marilla Fang
  • Mystia Le Blank
  • Ravyn Christian
  • Catarina Wraith
  • Albertine Duke
  • Tyler Serphent
  • Elsa Drabek
  • Auria Void
  • Mabel Snow
  • Reagan Addington
  • Acacia Dred
  • Pauline Gnash
  • Zaria Thornton
  • Gretel Shelley
  • Adeline Vonner
  • Myrtle Moriarty
  • Celestia Shadowend

Medieval Witch Names

There’s something undeniably alluring about a medieval witch. Perhaps it’s the air of mystery and intrigue that surrounds them, or the fact that they seem to possess otherworldly powers. Whatever the reason, we can’t help but be fascinated by these bewitching figures.

If you’re looking to add a touch of magic to your life, why not try taking on a witchy persona? And what better way to do that than by adopting a medieval witch name?

To get you started, we’ve compiled a list of some of the most popular medieval witch names. So whether you’re looking for a name that’s steeped in history, or one that has a more modern feel, you’re sure to find the perfect fit.

medieval witch names
  • Misty Jinx
  • Destiny Grove
  • Marie Lynx
  • Sierra Carpathia
  • Bryony Malum
  • Astrid De Vil
  • Circe Argent
  • Nimue Morgan
  • Tara Wolfmoon
  • Moira Winter
  • Norae Digby
  • Henrietta Trevil
  • Maescia Christanti
  • Lillith Wood
  • Albertine Maleficum
  • Celeste Wright
  • Peony Addington
  • Tatiana Jinx
  • Melody Highmore
  • Esme Raven
  • Hettie Vigil
  • Fae Onyx
  • Fae Shadowend
  • Marie Geulimja
  • Frances Shadowmend
  • Clio Vigil
  • Morgana Fadington
  • Arabelle Duke
  • Beatrix Graves
  • Venus Fadington

Witchy Username Ideas

Are you looking for a witchy username for your new blog or social media account? Here are some great ideas to get you started!

witchy username ideas
  • Daisy Aimes
  • Paige Stocker
  • Elvira Hallewell
  • Destiny Redwood
  • Ember Willow
  • Annika Heliot
  • Levana Discord
  • Alana Norwood
  • Lucille Cane
  • Kestrel Chainsaw
  • Ebony Moonfall
  • Faba Mock
  • Amaryllis Riddle
  • Jasmine Barclay
  • Lilura Trevil
  • Abena Scarletwound
  • Ira Rathmore
  • Ebony Quinn
  • Elisabeth Cromwell
  • Callista Delarosa
  • Violet Scarletwound
  • Rosina Grimsbane
  • Luna Grail
  • Cinnabar Highmore
  • Belladonna Dukes
  • Albertine Denholm
  • Acacia Denholm
  • Medeia Trevil
  • Opalina Aura
  • Feriae Storm

Witch Familiar Names

There are many different types of familiars that witches can have, and each one has its own unique name. Some of the more popular familiars include black cats, owls, bats, and toads. But there are many other less common familiars out there as well, such as spiders, snakes, and even dragons! No matter what type of familiar you have, though, it’s important to choose a name that you feel comfortable with and that suits your personality. Here are a few tips for choosing the perfect witch familiar name:

Think about what qualities you want your familiar to possess. Do you want them to be playful and mischievous? Or serious and wise?

Consider what type of animal your familiar most resembles. This can be a good starting point for finding the perfect name.

Think about what kind of magical powers you want your familiar to have. This can help narrow down your options and find a name that is truly fitting.

Don’t be afraid to be creative! There are no rules when it comes to witch familiar names, so let your imagination run wild.

Ultimately, the best way to choose a witch familiar name is to go with your gut instinct. Pick a name that you feel good about and that you think your familiar will respond to well. Trust your intuition and you’re sure to find the perfect name for your new furry (or scaly) friend.

witch familiar names
  • Maple Villalobos
  • Evanore Kane
  • Piper Zayne
  • Guinevere Crane
  • Leona Wyrm
  • Kira Shelley
  • Cassandra Christanti
  • Bronwyn Diamond
  • Dalila Delarosa
  • Orchid Murik
  • Nina Knotley
  • Guinevere Quinn
  • Lux Keeling
  • Clover Gnash
  • Beth Aura
  • Devi Duke
  • Aspen Argent
  • Luciana Wood
  • Berthina Quinn
  • Carlyn Villalobos
  • Sally Zayne
  • Henrietta Creighton
  • Agnes Killoran
  • Callista Delarosa
  • Zale Le Torneau
  • Zale Sangrey
  • Amelie Grimsbane
  • Melody Highmore
  • Hettie Jones
  • Amaryllis Von Stein

White Witch Names

There are many white witch names to choose from! Here are some of our favorites:

white witch names
  • Pauline Damon
  • Sapphire Creighton
  • Adonia Vixen
  • Carlyn Villalobos
  • Ethel Brack
  • Hattie Quinn
  • Fae Shelley
  • Raina Raven
  • Tiara Ash
  • Annette Willow
  • Ursa Maleficum
  • Tyler Zayne
  • Rosina Grimsbane
  • Sally Dupree
  • Claudia Tempest
  • Medusa Grim
  • Opal Knotley
  • Karin Sanguine
  • Faye White
  • Yasmin Trevil
  • Acacia Delarosa
  • Silvaria Denholm
  • Brielle Riddle
  • Alfhild Woods
  • Cloris Razor
  • Ebony Moonfall
  • Luna Denholm
  • Brenna Onyx
  • Onyx Diablos
  • Piper Zayne

Witch Name Ideas

You don’t need to be a witch to come up with a witchy name. Whether you’re looking for a name for your Halloween costume or just want to embrace your inner witch, these witch names will put you in the Halloween spirit.

witch name ideas
  • Auria Kane
  • Elsa Hallewell
  • Sophia Thornheart
  • Azalea Jinx
  • Isidora Damon
  • Ferula Snow
  • Phoenix Blackwood
  • Aster Wright
  • Karin Lynx
  • Guinevere Quinn
  • Astra Queen
  • Aspen Shadowmend
  • Ethel Brack
  • Daire Chalice
  • Peony Cloven
  • Samantha Wolfmoon
  • Angelic Vexx
  • Sakura Frost
  • Alfhild Woods
  • Meadow Aimes
  • Lillian Morgan
  • Electra Shadowmend
  • Seren Evilian
  • Jackie Von Stein
  • Devi Duke
  • Ulva Autumn
  • Paige Natas
  • Tatiana Vixen
  • Maude Killoran
  • Piper Stocker

Most Asked Questions regarding Witch

Below you will find answers to the most commonly asked questions about witches!

Is there a difference between black magic and white magic?

Yes, there is definitely a difference between black magic and white magic! Black magic is all about using negative energy to bring about harm or misfortune, whereas white magic is all about using positive energy to create good things.

What is the difference between a witch and a warlock?

The main difference between a witch and a warlock is that a witch is a woman who practices magic, while a warlock is a man who practices magic. Warlocks are often seen as more evil than witches, while witches are more often seen as benevolent.

What are the different types of witches?

There are many different types of witches, and each one has their own unique abilities and powers. Some of the most common types of witches include:

-The Traditional Witch: This type of witch is one who practices the traditional form of witchcraft, which is based on the natural world and the energies that flow through it. Traditional witches often work with herbs, oils, and other natural substances to create their spells and potions.

The Wiccan Witch: Wicca is a modern-day form of witchcraft that has its roots in the ancient pagan traditions. Wiccan witches often practice a form of magic known as “The Craft”, which is based on the four elements of earth, air, fire, and water.

-The Kitchen Witch: As the name suggests, kitchen witches are those who practice their craft in the kitchen. They often use food items and other common kitchen items to create their spells and potions.

-The Green Witch: Green witches are those who work closely with the natural world. They often use plants and other natural items in their spells and potions.

-The Seer: Seers are witches who have the ability to see into the future. They often use tarot cards, crystal balls, or other divination tools to help them with their predictions.

-The Psychic Witch: Psychic witches are those who have the ability to read minds and see into the future. They often use their powers to help others, and they are often very compassionate people.

Do all witches have the same powers?

No, all witches do not have the same powers. Each witch has different powers depending on their individual magical abilities. Some witches may have the power to cast spells, while others may have the power to communicate with spirits. It really just depends on the witch and what powers she or he possesses.

How do witches get their powers?

There is no one answer to this question as the origins of witches and their powers vary greatly depending on which tradition or story you look at. However, some of the most common explanations for how witches gain their powers include things like studying ancient magical texts, learning from other witches, or even being born into a family of witches. No matter how they get their powers, witches are often seen as powerful figures who are able to harness the natural forces around them to achieve their goals.

What is the difference between a good witch and a bad witch?

There are many different ways to categorize witches, but one common distinction is between good witches and bad witches. Good witches are often seen as kind, benevolent, and helpful, while bad witches are often seen as cruel, malicious, and evil. There are many different interpretations of what makes a witch good or bad, but this is a general overview of the two types of witches.