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DnD Tiefling Names Generator

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DnD Tiefling names can be very different, depending on where and how they were raised. They don’t really belong anywhere but tend to live in small communities in human towns/cities.

They often live in the worst parts of the settlement and are found with other marginalized races. A tiefling born into a certain culture is going to have a name that reflects this culture.

This is why before naming your tiefling, you should think about their origins. They could have come from two sources – many tieflings use simple names based on an important virtue, while others are named after the sin they are associated with. They believe that they can live that virtue to its fullest. Such a Tiefling name might include Hope, Creed, Despair, or Glory.

The tiefling’s name may be a personal statement of what they believe they can achieve or represent their ultimate destiny. Alternatively, it may derive from the Infernal language of their fiendish ancestors.
Tieflings are often named after their ancestors. They have a tendency to value the cohering of their bloodline.

Infernal Male Tiefling Names

Infernal Male Tiefling Names

  • Kairakas
  • Guerakas
  • Thythos
  • Zorxes
  • Kilcis
  • Horros
  • Lokemir
  • Salxire
  • Thynevenom
  • Andilius
tiefling names female

Infernal Female Tiefling Names

  • Nagrea
  • Grifaris
  • Mithhiri
  • Yaza
  • Vallyvia
  • Sarxori
  • Nasolis
  • Vellia
  • Anifirith
  • Belxori
Virtue Tiefling Names

Virtue Tiefling Names

  • Innovation
  • Harmony
  • Hymn
  • Horror
  • Devotion
  • Possession
  • Passion
  • End
  • Void
  • Esteem


A race of mystical humanoids with a dark history and connection to the underworld, the Tiefling is one of the most popular races in Dungeons & Dragons. Tieflings have been around for a really long time. They’re descendants of Chaotic Evil creatures that are very intellectual & often do risky things to defend their rights & homeland.

To humans, these creatures and demons seem pretty scary, and so people don’t trust them much. They also tend to butt heads a lot because they both want the city of Neverwinter for themselves. But to tieflings, it means something really special, and so they will keep fighting to defend it.

The kingdom of Tiefling was created by the human empire of Bael Turath. It expanded quickly like fire.
Tieflings are proud of their lineage as they have a noble background. Tiefling is independent & ambitious and trusts themselves more than on astral deities.

Many of the Tieflings, as a result of their heritage, are more inclined to explore dark magic and, as such, become wizards.


Appearance and personality

Tieflings give off the air of something mystical. Their horns, which grow in any shape, can generally be seen at their hairline.

Tieflings have a mix of colors for their hair and eyes, including red, blue, or black. Their eyes have no pupils with solid colors like silver or gold.

Tieflings have a skin tone akin to humans, but they also have red tones. They often live in the roughest parts of a city and grow up to be mob bosses and thieves.

As society rejects them for centuries, they know they have to be strong to survive. They are self-reliant as individuals, and building relationships is not easy for them. Yet their loyalty is firm when they finally make companions.

Tiefling Racial Abilities & Traits

The level of maturity and their size, when compared to humans, are the same, but they tend to live longer. Teiflings may not be innately evil but tend to be more evil due to their chaotic natures. They have superior blood, which allows them to see better in the dark.

Tiefling Names and their abilities

They can only see shades of gray and not colors in darkvision. Another outstanding ability is that fire cannot harm them. They can read, write and speak both the common language and the infernal language.

Tiefling Subraces

  • Zariel – Potentially stronger than an average Teifling with magical abilities
  • Levistus – They will bargain with those who are stuck in an inescapable doom
  • Asmodeus Charisma +2, Intelligence +1, hellish rebuke (level 3), dark vision, darkness spell (level 5), Infernal legacy
  • Devil’s Tongue – They can make others pay attention by their devilish attitude
  • Baalzebul – Ray of sickness spell (level 3), crown of madness spell (level 5), Intelligence +1
  • Glasya – They are masterminds of crime
  • Mammon – They’re really good at haggling and managing money
  • Winged – They have leathery wings
  • Mephistopheles – They powerful arcane magic
  • Fierna – They’re seen as manipulators because of their very strong personalities
  • Dispater – This tiefling subrace are very good spies & infiltrators

What are some good tiefling names?

Amus – Meaning: uncle
Arshoon – Meaning: tears of joy
Orianna – Meaning: golden
Casthos -Meaning: to shine
Valcrius – Meaning: healthy
Zheradius – Meraning: Autumn

What are tiefling virtue names?

These creatures have been given their name due to the emotion/virtue they have most in abundance. They can be any positive quality without there being anything wrong about it, but also some more unusual qualities like weary, creed and despair.

How do Tiefling names work?

Tieflings often take ancestral names in the Infernal tongue. They keep their human name until they want to establish themselves, then usually take a “name” of Infernal or Abyssal origin. Many tieflings in the Infernal Pact keep an ancestral Infernal name, while some young ones in search of their place in the world create a new name for themselves.