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Still trying to come up with the perfect Redguard name? Have no fear, our Redguard name generator is here to help. With thousands of names to choose from, you're sure to find the perfect one for your next Elder Scrolls character.

Redguard Name Generator

Introducing the Redguard Name Generator! Whether you’re looking for a name for your next Skyrim character or just want to generate some random Redguard names, this tool is for you. Simply click one of the buttons and you’ll get a list of random Redguard names. So what are you waiting for? Start generating some awesome Redguard names today!

Redguards are a proud and noble people, and their names reflect that. Whether you’re looking for a name for your Redguard character in Skyrim, or you’re just curious about what Redguards name their children, this list is for you.

There are a few things to keep in mind when picking a Redguard name. First, most Redguards have two names – a given name and a family name. Second, many Redguard names are inspired by real-world cultures, so you might want to do some research to find a name that fits your character.

Luckily, we’ve made things easy for you with our Redguard Name Generator. Just click one of the buttons and you’ll get a list of perfect Redguard names to choose from. So what are you waiting for? Start generating some Redguard names!

Female Redguard Names

There are many beautiful and unique female Redguard names. Each name has a special meaning and history. Many of the names are inspired by nature, such as the name “Alinor”, which means “sunrise”, or “Azura”, which means “sky blue”. Other names are inspired by ancient warrior queen-names, such as “Nadia” or “Barenziah”. And still others are just beautiful sounding, such as “S’renda” or “Mirili”. No matter what the meaning or inspiration behind a name, all Redguard names are beautiful and special.

female redguard names
  • Therelm Kretham
  • Sheneen Cautht
  • Penod Maiska
  • Bodeet
  • Hillnzo Rircka
  • Risasson
  • Bordyn
  • Falicean
  • Islenado
  • Staruin
  • Delmald Vugten
  • Lancy Saethun
  • Clusur
  • Sasmal Bolpka
  • Jairthal
  • Kemuin
  • Grekithon
  • Razdret
  • Casnodd
  • Kewafiz
  • Hasergel Chirgsa
  • Kalntias
  • Pykesur
  • Athey
  • Razret Baeghtga
  • Vilh
  • Kewanado Bairhtrn
  • Cirrnison
  • Riniis Lhelpsa
  • Sticnithon

Male Redguard Names

There are quite a few unique and lovely male Redguard names out there! For example, some traditional Redguard names include “Aziz” and “Mahir”, while more modern names like “Daro” and “Asher” are also gaining popularity. No matter what kind of name you’re looking for, you’re bound to find the perfect one for your Elder Scrolls Character!

male redguard names
  • Casikim
  • Ernrick
  • Shetrius
  • Lancy Saethun
  • Stelen Gostum
  • Camand D’ight-e
  • Gancnk
  • Winsok Dathe
  • Chreson
  • Kotnvir Shrushrn
  • Varcey Goz-si
  • Thardon Flerpen
  • Brekim Vorcom
  • Phietrius
  • Alesl
  • Siltias Gormke
  • Jagtias
  • Phinus
  • Jatno V’ejen
  • Shamar Fughtke
  • Kewaell Kostti
  • Cyruus
  • Dinoaron
  • Aledius
  • Lathan
  • Silaean Glirp’kern
  • Iminthal Khare
  • Razorter Dej-i
  • Jelether T’ochen
  • Domanda

Skyrim Redguard Names

Redguard names in Skyrim are some of the most interesting and unique names in the game. Many of the Redguard names have a deep meaning and history behind them. Many of the names are based on real-life Redguard culture and tradition. For example, the name “Am-Khasir” means “Warrior of the People” in Redguard.


“Am-Khasir” would be a great name for a Redguard warrior character. Other great Redguard names include “Ilyes” ( which means “Gift from the Heavens” ) and “Neshoka” ( which means “Gift of Life” ).

  • Jineanan
  • Lesle
  • Willll Fhircka
  • Stentrius Thathti
  • Wilnison
  • Owyny
  • Boldim T’ictga
  • Gogamin Gorhtrn
  • Shamar Fughtke
  • Namtias Blorhtam
  • Tarbert
  • Jeleacey
  • Avikado
  • Ahtanda
  • Maninnon V’ort-e
  • Neesirah Rhochca
  • Kaneya
  • Rithsandra Boerem
  • Mirimen
  • Yisnda
  • Jeaia Sectga
  • Karllirah
  • Malm
  • Lettanta D’irnrn
  • Marlanie Ghuchin
  • Azzacey
  • Haldacey
  • Nanmir
  • Naccan Cyurke
  • Bararon

Elder Scrolls Redguard Names

The Elder Scrolls Redguard names are some of the most beautiful and unique names in all of Tamriel. They have a rich history and meaning behind them, and are absolutely perfect for any fan of the Elder Scrolls series.

redguard names
  • Amrdius
  • Darad
  • Clusnison Sermki
  • Proius
  • Kaykim
  • Prai
  • Shelnzo
  • Glansteve
  • Cyruvyn Dhughtca
  • Camni
  • Daraand Millja
  • Daroaro
  • Penaell
  • Nevirdon Rlijtha
  • Haerk
  • Gogamin Gorhtrn
  • Tarel V’ornt
  • Pykasson
  • Prandyn
  • Juncvar
  • Shenta Raocter
  • Faleati
  • Blubtka Durhtca
  • Ahllley
  • Channie
  • Maelka
  • Lasyndie Tlordsa
  • Kane-i
  • Dandginia Volltha
  • Lairley

Redguard Last Names

Redguards are a race of humans with reddish brown skin who hail from the province of Hammerfell. Though they once had their own kingdom, it was annexed by the Third Empire and they now live as citizens within the Empire. Redguards value their independence and are known for their discipline, stealth, and warriors prowess.

redguard last names

Many great Redguard warriors have fought and died in the service of the Empire. Redguards often have last names that reflect their warrior heritage. Many of the most common last names are derived from great Redguard warriors of the past. These last names are a source of pride for Redguards and are passed down from generation to generation.

  • Lhur’kern
  • Norhtka
  • Sterce
  • T’aztha
  • Glillga
  • Bizt
  • Rlas-si
  • Fogke
  • Flerhtsa
  • Cyoldten
  • Lhardba
  • M’aldti
  • Raightga
  • D’uche

Who or what are the Redguards

The Redguards are a desert people who once migrated from the lost continent of Yokuda to the western shores of Tamriel, now Hammerfell. They brought with them their warrior culture, rich in tradition and based on honor and dignity.

Through this they won their conflicts against the local orcs and were able to drive them away, so that they could finally call Hammerfell their new home. The deep belief in the divine inherent in the Redguards makes them distrust all forms of magic.

The Origin of the Redguards

The original home of the Redguards, Yokudas or Yokudans, as they are called in their own language, was the continent of Yokuda, located west of Tamriel. In the First Era, this continent was destroyed by an unknown natural disaster and sank into the sea.

It remains unclear whether that catastrophe was of purely natural origin or whether the Redguards were partly to blame for the demise of their old homeland. In the last of a long series of civil wars on Yokuda, there is talk of a group of renegade Ansei, the Hiradirge, who were considered masters of earth magic.

When they were finally defeated in 1E 792, the story goes, they took revenge on everyone by literally making the land disappear. Forced to flee by the catastrophe on Yokuda, the Yokudas of that time quickly resettled on the northwest coast of Tamriel, in what is now known as Hammerfell, in a war of conquest, also known as Ra’gada, against the resident orc tribes.

FAQ regarding Redguard

We’ve collected some frequently asked questions about redguards! If you are looking for answers, they are highlighted below.

Are Redguard names Arabic?

Redguard names appear to be a combination of Arabic, Middle-Eastern, Pakistani, and South Asian influences.

Who do the Redguards worship?

Diagna is the god of the sideways blade, and the Hoary cult of the Redguards originated in Yokuda during the Twenty-Seven Snake Folk Slaughter. Diagna was an avatar of the HoonDing, the Yokudan god of make way, which achieved permanence.