Troll Names & Troll Name Generator

Finding the right troll name can be difficult. But with our troll name generator and our recommendations, this task will be straightforward for you.

Troll Name Generator

This troll name generator will create ten new troll names for you every time you click on one of the buttons. The buttons should be self-explanatory. For male troll names, click on “Male” for female troll names and click on “Female.”

If you don’t like the suggestions of our troll name generator, there is another way to find the perfect name for your troll.

Finding proper troll names is not always easy, even if many long-time RPG players don’t want to admit it. Still, newcomers often have difficulty finding a creative name for their character. Especially with trolls, finding a name is not easy.

However, there are a few tricks for successful troll names to help beginners overcome this hurdle. One of the easiest ways is to use our troll name generator. It generates numerous troll names and can be very helpful in your search.

How to find suitable troll names

A start for creative troll naming is to use known prefixes. Unfortunately, name prefixes are often repeated among trolls. For example, “Vol,” “Sen,” or “Zul” are famous.

Stringing syllables together is also popular. For example, a “Jibjib” or “Taktak” is quickly thought up and makes a good troll name. Stringing together the same letters or a series of nouns is also typical. How about a “Gnaarn” or “Zuul” for example.

troll names

Of course, it depends on whether you are playing a male or female troll and what your character should express. Therefore now are a few examples for each gender. Of course, you can also change the examples a bit or even make up a name from the points mentioned above.

If you have thought about a name for your troll, you can certainly ask some of your player friends what they think of the troll name and if it would fit. That way you’ll have other opinions.

When choosing a troll name, keep in mind that you spend a lot of time with your avatar and that you have to like the name for a long time. Otherwise, have fun and success with finding a troll name.

Good Troll Names for Games

If you have high expectations of your troll character and are a perfectionist, finding a good troll name can be difficult. We have put together a small selection of troll names for you for this case. You will find name lists for female trolls and male trolls in the following sections. But also funny and famous troll names can be found there.

Female Troll Names

If you need a female troll name, check out the list below or try our troll name generator if our suggestions of female troll names aren’t enough for you.

female troll names
  • Arancius
  • Arkakas
  • Arkshoon
  • Droma
  • Ebxus
  • Ercius
  • Gingaar
  • Grimblana
  • Kaira
  • Katana
  • Kaxius
  • Kyira
  • Lanaar
  • Lantana
  • Mormus
  • Naztira
  • Ozaana
  • Ozakos
  • Roldos
  • Kosemon
  • Sephy
  • Shareus
  • Sinsia
  • Thythor
  • Urxire
  • Ying
  • Zalana
  • Zalzane
  • Zanjun
  • Zerzire

Male Troll Names

Find a list of male troll names below or if you’re looking for new ideas, use our troll name generator.

male trolle names
  • Rahjin
  • Makas
  • Zulkaz
  • Jinjin
  • Zoljin
  • Quivilt
  • Nuenvan
  • Seji
  • Kelraz
  • Tedar
  • Jayunya
  • Haijen
  • Erodjan
  • Kaijin
  • Trolgar
  • Rakash
  • Melkree
  • Jabir
  • Zevrij
  • Zulabar
  • Kazko
  • Seshi
  • Jumoke
  • Zufem
  • Sollix
  • Zulbaljin
  • Zinjo
  • Tzuljin
  • Ugoki
  • Vuzashi

Funny Troll Names

  • Zulkraa
  • Keja
  • Kug’the
  • Xaajun
  • Seshi
  • Zuljin
  • Jinthaiya
  • Manohn
  • Pulmor
  • Druzo
  • Maalik
  • Eza
  • Tazingo
  • Bunjin
  • Alwan
  • Zon’tsivu
  • Zoozmen
  • Gogmagog
  • Zuljah
  • Voyambi
  • Bihohma
  • Ziacan’meh
  • Loz’ji
  • Rangi
  • Chupacabra
  • Pendi
  • Vinji
  • Sollix
  • Wanjin
  • Vanaca

All about Trolls

Trolls are fiends of Nordic mythology. These mythical creatures appear at night, as in sunlight, they turn to stone and lose their magic powers. A troll is a clumsy supernatural creature found mainly in the Scandinavian mountains. A troll can have a dwarfish to a giant shape. Typical for a troll is the eternal running snot from the nose.

To describe a troll exactly and precisely is not easy because it can have the size of a dwarf to a giant. There are many different breeds of trolls. Their bodies can be wildly hairy or entirely without hair. Mostly, it is the small dwarf trolls, whose strong hair growth sticks out in all directions.

troll name generator

Particularly characteristic noses also distinguish these trolls. The relatively sizeable smelling organ hangs in the face like a limp potato, and goggle-round black eyes look somewhat dimly and disorientedly into the area. The big and giant trolls don’t look much more intelligent, but they often have a very pronounced set of teeth with massive tusks that don’t fit entirely into the mouth. Their nose is almost too small and pushes deep into the face.

Although all species walk upright, they have very poor posture, appearing hunched and crooked. A troll must do a lot of climbing and crawl, but their figure does not look athletic or athletic at all. A stout build, rather dumpy legs, and a tidy tummy are typical Troll features of any size. What is striking, however, are her arms. These taper to the hands and are very long.

Some trolls are dressed only in a loincloth, while others wear green jackets and tiny pointed hats. Rarely, however, have their clothes been described as fashionable, clean, and fragrant.

Troll way of life

Trolls are usually mean and sneaky. These mythical creatures don’t seem to have an essential task in the fantasy world. They prefer to annoy people, and even their pets often suffer from a severe infestation of trolls.

Trolls can change their size. They have magic powers that transform from a dwarf into a gigantic giant. However, no matter what size a troll is, it cannot be called elegant or skilled.

Far too often, something goes wrong with them – and of course, they get mightily annoyed about it. As a place to live, trolls always prefer very dark areas. They like to find underground dwellings in forests, caves, old ruins, and vaults.

The Troll belongs to Norse mythology. Incredibly often, this mythical creature appears in Scandinavia. Even official troll commissioners take care of the preservation and species-appropriate care of these spirits of nature.

Trolls prefer to live in the wilderness, which is probably one reason why there are so many breeds. Mountain trolls, forest trolls, cave trolls, and tree trolls adapt to the environment, but their character traits are similar.

Fantasy researchers and historians claim to have found out that trolls are as ancient spirits as the gnomes, dwarves, and brownies. Furthermore, trolls claim to be fallen angels and live with their transformation until doomsday.

Probably, even in earlier times, they had essential tasks to perform. It was easy for them to keep order in the forests and mountains with their magic abilities. But after the wilderness areas become smaller due to humans, it becomes more and more difficult for trolls to find the desired dwelling or living space. Accordingly, their interest in protecting and preserving the natural areas is naturally lacking.

Perhaps this is why trolls usually are not so well disposed towards humans. They like to play mean tricks on them and make them stumble. Harmless walks, they jump into the neck and bite there hard. It gets terrible when trolls kidnap the little human children from their cribs and exchange them with their own. It is believed that trolls are generally very lazy and use human children to raise slaves. They are even said to have taken control of some Goblin and made them work for them.

If a troll stays near a human dwelling, cows immediately stop their milk flow, chickens stop laying eggs, and workhorses persistently stop. Dogs and cats bark, hiss, and hide.

The best way to protect yourself from trolls is to close all windows and doors tightly after dark and draw the curtains to be on the safe side. You can open everything again at the first ray of sunlight, then the danger of a troll attack is over.

If you want to see a troll, you should lie in wait during the Scandinavian summer. As soon as the light nights begin and the sun has just disappeared behind the horizon, then comes the time of the trolls. In the mystical twilight, all the birds fall silent, the wind stops, and the waters of rivers and streams flow faster. Then, when the light is just enough to make out something, the trolls feel safe sufficient to make their appearance. But before the first ray of sunlight shows itself again, they disappear very quickly into their underground dwellings. Otherwise, they run the risk of being petrified.

Whether trolls and troll women are very friendly and seek the company of other trolls or mythical creatures is not known. But it is now known that they love to dance. Somewhere in the forest, there could be a troll mound. It looks like a simple mound to humans, but if you were to remove the layer of earth, gold columns would appear, holding a canopy. Under this canopy, the trolls sometimes perform dances that look more grotesque than graceful.

It is important to note that trolls do not like percussion instruments. Drums and rhythmic beating instill fear in them, and they would stay away from a place with these sounds. It is said that they are even afraid of thunder and lightning. But I think this is a fairy tale because, after all, trolls belong to nature spirits. That would be just as if rose elves were afraid of roses.

Special features of Trolls

Trolls turn to stone in sunlight and only show themselves in the dark. In addition, they have magical powers that allow them to transform for short periods. Mainly, however, trolls use their abilities to annoy and embarrass humans, animals, and other mythical creatures. As a result, a Troll has snot running out of its nose almost constantly.

Types of trolls in Norwegian mythology

Trolls, like humans, have evil and not-so-evil specimens. Here I would like to list the most important ones.


The Draug is a Sjøtroll, a sea troll. He is the terror of all fishermen and sailors. He can create terrible storms. He smashes boats and even big ships. He has made many a fisherman’s wife or sailor’s wife a widow.


This is probably the most insidious of all. A freshwater troll lives in lakes, ponds, and pools. It knocks over the boats of unsuspecting fishers and pulls anglers into the water by their lines if they don’t let go in time. Sometimes he transforms himself into a jewel or a white horse. Woe betides anyone who tries to pick up the trinket or follows the horse into the water!


This is the forest troll. He is the absolute most terrifying of them all. He is a one-eyed cyclops. He rips out trees and slays you with them if you venture into the forest at night.


Fossegrimmen is one of the temperate variety. It lives under waterfalls. You can quickly appease him with a bloody piece of meat. Once you have done that, he teaches you how to play the violin.

Huldra or Huldras

These are the only female trolls. They have golden blond hair and are lovely to look at. There is one catch to these beautiful creatures; they always have a cow’s behind with a curly tail. They lure young boys and even men into the forest. So far, none has returned. So here’s a warning to all female travelers: make sure your men never go into the woods after dark. Also, put up with it if your men occasionally pat your butt; they want to reassure themselves again and again that it is their own woman and not a Huldra.


The Nisser are of dwarfish appearance. They are pretty helpful but also sometimes cunning little beasts. They keep order in the house and yard. Only one thing should never be forgotten; small gifts keep the friendship. About little things, like times a scarf, gloves, a cap, or a porridge, one should already jump times. If one is stingy, the Nisser can become quite beastly. Then the house may burn down, or the cattle is bewitched. They can even ruin your entire harvest.

Frequently Asked Questions about Trolls

Here we list a few of the most frequently asked questions and answers about trolls.

Where do trolls come from?

Trolls first appeared in Norwegian and Icelandic skaldic poetry and sagas. From the 9th to the 13th century, they embodied the forces of nature as mythical creatures. They made sure that thunder and thunderstorms occurred and, as evil spirits, were responsible when people disappeared. Thus, they were an integral part of Nordic mythology.

How did trolls become known?

In the 18th and 19th centuries, trolls entered fairy tales and sagas. Jørgen Moe and Peter Christian Asbjørnsen wrote their classic “Norwegian Folktales” and had trolls appear in 24 out of 30 fairy tales. For the first time, by the way, they became a bit friendlier here – even if only the women – and also appeared in the form of fairies and elves.